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What were some of Thomas Moore's ideas or philosophies?

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You should read "Utopia", its his famous book about a fictional country. He blamed societies' problems on society itself and was killed by King Henry the 8th because the Pope excommunicated the King. so... its safe to say he didn't support the King's sleazeyness

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What were some of Gen Douglas ideas or philosophies?

Some of general Douglas philosophies or ideas were that He was poised to camman the invasion of japan in novemeber but was instead instructed to accept their surrender on september.

What were some of Charles Drew ideas and philosophies?

Charles Drew was against racism and wished equality for all.

What has the author Ian Geoffrey Moores written?

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Do some in intelligence lack fundamental philosophies?

Yes, some who work in the intelligence field may lack fundamental philosophies.

What are the philosophies of Ancient China?

I was asking, but there were three main philosophies, and some others, I guess. :P

What were some of Thomas Jefferson's ideas?

Education,care for the poor,police,elections .Thomas Jefferson was given credit for the above concerns.

What were some ideas of Thomas Jefferson?

Two of Thomas Jefferson's ideas were also John Locke's ideas (life and liberty), and the other one was pursuit of happiness. He wrote this instead of "property", because he didn't want to plagiarize what John Locke wrote.

Why did John Locke have such a major influence on the Declaration of Independence?

John Locke was friends with most of the people that drafted the Declaration of Independence. These people believed in his philosophies and used some of his ideas in the document.

What are some important ideas from Thomas Jefferson?

Thomas Jefferson tried to further many philosophical ideas such as natural rights, agrarianism, constitutionalism, limited government, separation of church and state, the separation of powers and even civil rights.

Some ideas of the Enlightenment can be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman philosophies Which characteristic of ancient Greece or Rome most likely influenced the Philosophes?

the political power that citizens held in their government

Where did James Madison get his ideas?

Some people believe that he may have gotten his ideas from a man named Thomas Hobbes, but I have no evidence to back that up. Please correct me if I am wrong.

What were some of the flaws of Gandhi?

Gandhi, though a great inspiration, had flaws. HIs non-violent philosophies were not always practical or proactive. These same philosophies left him weak and vulnerable.

What are some philosophies that Julius Caesar keep inside?

Who knows? He kept them inside.

Who did Thomas Jefferson use to help write the declaration of independence?

Thomas Jefferson didn't have any help. He wrote it alone. Occasionally, Benjamin Franklin would go on walks with him, and give him some ideas.

What were the major philosophies of the Hellenistic period?

The Hellenistic period was an important period for Western philosophy. Some of the major philosophies of the period were Pythagoreanism, Platonism, Cynicism, Stoicism, Sophism, and Pyrrhonism.

How many US Presidents were Christians?

All of them are/were--there have been 44 presidents. Although Thomas Jefferson may have expressed some non-Christian ideas--

What are some philosophies of death and dying?

Is there life after death? (afterlife, rebirth, what happens after you die)

Whose concepts did Jefferson draw on as he drafted the Decleration of Independence?

thomas Jefferson drew his concepts on John Locke's opinions and views. Some people actually think Thomas Jefferson copied John Locke's ideas.

What were some of Thomas Paine's ideas?

Thomas Paine is known for writing the pamphlet Common Sense. The main ideas of this pamphlet were: -the King of England was a "royal brute" -it was America's destiny to become independent from England. -all around, america would be better off without Britain and they would be able to care for themselves with no problem.

Whose ideas did Jefferson borrow to write the Declaration?

the Bible and God Some believe Jefferson borrowed from Thomas Paines' writings particularly COMMON SENSE.

What is a yin?

A yin is the female principle in some philosophies and religions, contrasting with the male side, the yang.

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what are some ideas for a greek myth

What were some greek ideas?

Some Greek ideas include: - Democracy. - Philosophy. - Many sciences where many new ideas where developed. In particular, on what ideas are you interested?

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The first place i will look to get some ideas is online. There are many sites who offer gift wizards to get some ideas for your gifts. Just go online and type "best gift ideas online" and i am sure you will find some ideas.

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