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Wilma Rudolph

What were some of Wilma Rudolph's favorite foods?

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Fruits and vegetables are some of the favorite foods of mealworms. Apples, carrots, kale, yam, and celery are examples of foods that mealworms enjoy.

ПЕЛЬМЕНИ or pel'meni.

Steak and mashed potatoes.

Some of the favorite foods of the Iroquois Indians included deer, elk, and fish. Other favorite foods were beans, squash, corn, and berries.

Some eat fish, some eat plankton

some favorite types of foods in spain are bread is most famous.vegtables,fruits,fish,chicken, pork,some red meat,salads,eggsrice, and pasta

escargot and sweet cream butter

sushi, udon, ramen, wasabi

every type of food is a favorite food only for different people People's favorite foods can vary depending on their culture, country, and taste buds. The most popular foods in America are pizza, chicken, hamburgers, and tacos.

some of spains favorite foods to make spagetti.

colcannon..... bacon and cabbage... dublin lawyer(my favorite)

There is Chicken Tikka and Samosa- which is a stuffed pastry.

grains (rice, wheat, corn) vegetables, pork and poultry

Walt Disney's favorite drink is not known. However, some of his favorite foods included hamburgers, fried potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and chicken livers.

Chinchillas can have carrots, apples, some lettuces, and finger foods are a favorite. Make sure though when your feeding finger foods, that they are foods low in sugar. Cheerios are a favorite (not the honey nut kind). Bear in mind that feeding human food to a chinchilla must be done in moderation.

what are some common jobs in russia.scotland. what type of goverment what are the favorite foods from russia/scotland

Traditionally the favorite foods are rice and fish, since they are cheap and plenty in Japan. But favorite foods vary from person to person. Since some Fruits are expensive and hard to get some would say those were there favorite. But like many modern countries it seems the popularity of Fast food and Take out are on the rise.

My favorite is perogi! Usually have them once a month or so. Kilbasa is great, too!

* Anzac biscuits * Apple crisp Click on the links below for recipes.

A ladybug's favorite food is aphids, but there are many kinds of bugs and they eat different foods. Some eat other bugs, some eat fruits or vegetables, some eat leaves, and some eat other things.

Foods eaten in Peru include ceviche, fried guinea pig, and tripe. They also enjoy potatoes with cheese, rice dishes, and soups.

There are about more than 1 billion foods in the US. Some of the main foods in the US are spagetti, pizza, meatloaf, hamburgers, hotdogs, fish, tacos, burritos, and my favorite chicken. There are many other foods in the US, and you can try them all.

any kind of food like corn, rice,some might not like seafood .

Some of Americanâ??s favorite foods are hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, and pizza. Other favorites include cookies, apple pie, and fried chicken.

The national food is Falafel in Pita or Laffa bread with hummus, Tehina, Chips, some vegetables and sehuug.

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