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What were some of the debates at the Constitutional Convention of 1787?


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Well having slaves was one of the major issues, and just what they should do.


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Most American leaders attended the Constitutional convention in 1787. Some of the most well-known leaders attending were; Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

There were 55 delegates who met at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 which was held in Philadelphia. Some of the more well known delegates included George Washington, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander Hamilton.

Some source says 55 and Some source says 41.

what did some delegates to the constitutional convention think a republic would do

In Short:The Constitution was written.In Depth:There were many things that happened at the Philadelphia Convention in 1787. The main purpose of the convention was to fix the many problems with the Articles of Confederation. Some men like James Madison wanted to reform the new government to a centralized form. The convention began on May 25, 1787 with twelve sates. They unanimously elected George Washington as President of the Convention. For each State there was one vote. All of the rules were voted on including secrecy. The people at the convention did support a stronger national government.

It never had it in 1787. This is the reason they met for a constitutional convention. The articles of confederation didn't work and there was no central government.

In a sense.The Constitutional Convention, in itself, did not replace the Articles of Confederation. The Constitution was created at the Convention and it was based upon some of the ideals that the Articles of Confederation had, but had changed many things.So, in a sense, no. The Constitutional Convention did notreplace the Articles of Confederation, but the Constitution that was created then did.

John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, William Henry Harrison, Patrick Henry, and Andrew Jackson were some of the most influential delegates to the constitutional congress in 1787.

25 of 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention owned slaves. Also: 5 of the 13 American States were "slave states" in 1787 and slaves made up 35% of the population of those states Some of the "Founding Fathers" owned slaves, including: James Madison Benjamin Franklin George Washington Thomas Jefferson

This answer needs some explanation. The US Constitution was not "adopted" by the "continental congress." By that time there no longer was a "continental congress" in the same form as the one that had adopted the Declaration Of Independence. There was a "Congress" under the Articles of Confederation and it authorized the formation of a "Constitutional Convention" to revise the Articles of Confederation on February 21, 1787. On September 17, 1787, the Constitutional Convention adopted the final form of the US Constitution, presented it to Congress and recommended its ratification by the states. on September 28, 1787, Congress directed that the proposed Constitution be sent to the legislatures of each state so that they could form their own Constitutional Conventions for the purposes of ratifying the Constitution.

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Rhode Island was the only colony that did not take part in the Constitutional Convention. Some say that this was because it was not fully attached to the other thirteen colonies

If you are asking about the constitutional convention there was Franklin, Adams, Madison, Monroe, Jay, Jefferson, to name a few.

Some powers were given to the states, some to the federal government, and some to both.

William Samuel Johnson was allowed to join the constitutional convention because people respected him and he had influence on some of the other members. He was recommended by other friends to join.

The Constitutional Convention of 1787 was called in order to consider amendments to the Articles of Confederation, not to write another Constitution entirely. During deliberations over amendments to the Articles, it was realized that the Articles could not be patched up to make them workable. The framers began to think in terms of a completely different approach to a national government and created the Constitution. One irony is that some of the states never would have sent delegations to the Convention if they knew the Framers were going to create a whole new system instead of fixing the old one.State house, Philadelphia, PA. There is a copy of it at Knox Berry Farm in LA.

George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison

The Constitutional convention was not actually called the constitutional convention because it was created to modify the Articles of Confederation. However, the articles, although they had some benefits, were very weak and gave most power to the states and not to the central gov't, so the constitution was drafted in secret, so as not to influence any of the framer's views by outside opinions.

They are the men who led the American revolution and led the country in the years immediately thereafter. Most particularly the term refers to the delegates to the constitutional convention who designed our government. Michael Montagne A member of the Constitutional Convention that drafted the United States Constitution in 1787 a person who founds or establishes some institution. Also a leader or beginer. In my opinion, they are the founders of America. They shaped the way that we live our lives today. Most importantly, they signed our constition which gave us the rights that we have today. A person who founds or establishes an institution. Also I see them as founders of America, leaders. I think Founding Fathers are the delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787. They were very important in the drafting of important documents which founded and shaped the country.

All delegates were important at the Constitutional convention. Some of the most famous delegates include George Washington, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton.

39 delegates signed the Constitution, or 71% of the 55 delegates who attended the convention. Most of those who did not sign had left the convention early -- some for personal reasons, and some out of protest.

In order to establish a new Constitution, many compromises had to be made at the Constitutional Convention. Some of the most important compromises to American history were the election of a president, slave trade, commerce compromise, and the three-fifths compromise.

It is because in 1787 the govornment decided to end slavory. However, slavery still continued all around the world even America.

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