What were some of the more popular games for the Super Nintendo?


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Some of the more popular games for the Super Nintendo are Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart,Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario All-Stars. There are plenty more and they are fairly cheap to buy. You can get them from Ebay or Game Stop.


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They don't sell super Nintendo games any more you have to download them on the wii shop channel

There are many popular games for the Nintendo 3DS. Luigi's Mansion is one of the more popular as well as Sonic the Hedgehog and Dark Moon. Sports games are also very popular among the users of the Nintendo 3DS.

No the super nintendo is more powerful.

Because nobody play them any more

There are so many Super Mario games available for the Nintendo DS, including Paper Mario, New Super Mario Bros, Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario Bros. 2 and many more. All your classic favourites and new ones, too!

There are many video games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System including: Super Mario All Stars, Super Star Wars, Mario Kart, Battletoads, NHL 94, Madden, Final Fantasy games and more.

Super Mario Bros. is a popular game which was released to play with the Nintendo gaming system. The original Super Mario Bros was released in 1985. Since then many more have been released including Super Mario Bros. Special, Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Land, Super Mario World, Super Mario Cart and Super Mario All Stars. There are over 200 games available which fall under the Super Mario Bros. Games.

well yes since the wii is made by Nintendo so wii games are Nintendo games not trying to be mean but yo question makes no cents well yes since the wii is made by Nintendo so wii games are Nintendo games not trying to be mean but yo question makes no cents actually their question does make "sense!!" they mean THE ORIGINAL NINTENDO GAMES AS IN THE CONSOLE BEFORE SUPER NINTENDO! and no the only ones that can be played on wii are gamecube and wii games any others have to be downloaded into your system _ Haha...cents... Anyway the best answer is Yes your console can play games From super Nintendo, NES, N64 and more but only if you download them from the wii shop channel.

Super Smash Bros. is a game series featured on the Nintendo Consoles. Currently only three games have been officially released: * Super Smash Bros. - Nintendo 64 * Super Smash Bros. Melee - Nintendo Gamecube * Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Nintendo Wii More information can be found on these links: # # #

There are more that a thousand games for nds. You can even play Nintendo advance games on it.

Super Mario games are extremely popular. The game first released in September 13, 1985 as Super Mario Bros. and since then more than 100 Super Mario games have been released.

All kind of games are available and for almost every nintendo console. They have kids games such as Super Mario, Epic Mickey and Skylanders, but they also have more mature games uch as The Walking Dead, Aliens and Call of Duty.

The newer Nintendo consoles such as the Nintendo DS and the DS Lite and even the Nintendo Wii have more adult games to them then previous consoles before them.

Now there are 14 games just about Mario, but he is also in other games such as the Super Smash Bros. series. They keep making more. This year Nintendo plan to make a new Mario release: New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Top Super Nintendo Entertainment(SNES) games include A Link To The Past, Super Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country, Super Metroid, SMW, Chrono Trigger, Mega Man X, and much more.

Nintendo because they've always made more money and games. Then Sega ended up making games for Nintendo.

No the Hunger Games is more popular.

I would say verynot very because psp is more popular

A Super Nintendo game that was released in... Well, go find out more about it in Wikipedia. :P

I don't know how many games has been produced by Nintendo but am pretty sure its more than 300

it can be but the ds lite is a much more popular ds so in my opinion i would by the ds liteWell, the Nintendo ds is equivalent to a lite, the lite is more popular but now the Nintendo ds is rare so currently it is more expensive!

As long as Shigeru Miyamoto (Creator of Mario and friends) and Charles Martinet (Mario's Voice Actor) and the rest of Nintendo stay alive, Mario will always be around with new games and new adventures! Yahoo!

I'm not sure, but I prefer the 3ds

It would be racist,but some of the Nintendo characters/games have not been released in America. So that would be possible.

A faster processor and more RAM was added to the DSi. This will allow for better looking and smoother gameplay.

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