History of the United States
Gerald Ford

What were some of the problems president ford faced?

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What were some problems President Barack Obama faced?

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Which was not a problem faced by the ford administaration?

Some things that were not problems faced by the Ford Administration include: Spies in the White House. There was no threat of war with the British or the French. Nobody was dying of smallpox.

What were some problems the President Obama faced?

Principally, the economy; also, wars in Iran and Afghanistan.

What were some of the problems that the US have as they entered ww1?

they faced economic problems and they faced problems with comunication with other countries

What are some problems Nelson Mandela faced?

Health problem is a big problems Nelson Mandela faced.

What are some of the problems France faced in 1792?

The nation faced wars in Europe.

What were some problems immigrants faced in the US?

Some problems they faced were their language, money, clothes, and education. Life was hard for immigrants when they came to America.

What were some problems Hernando de Soto faced?

he faced issues with lice and pubic crabs and lots of problems with indians that are orgasmic

What are some of the problems faced by leaders?

intelligence nation.

What were some of the problems the founding fathers faced after the revolution?

they faced political and economic problems, they also had to deal with creditors and debtors, and they also ha foreign relation problems......

What were some of the problems Steve Irwin faced?

He was killed by a stingray.

What are some problems faced in ring topology?

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What were some problems the pilgrims faced?

Getting moved to Reservations

What are some problems William Howard Taft faced?

his weight

What are some problems Jews faced in the ghettos?

dead people

What problems or issues were faced during the exploration of Francisco Pizarro?

Some issues faced were that he fought the Indians.

What are some of the problems faced by people who have too much fat in their diets?

Some of the problems faced by people who have too much fat in their diets are high blood pressure, obesity, and heart disease.

What are some obstacles Henry ford faced in his life?

he had down syndrome

What are some problems Thomas Jefferson had to faced?

One major challenge that Thomas Jefferson faced, was national debt.

Problems faced by gond tribe of India?

The Gond Tribe can be found living in the central region of India. Some of the problems faced by the Gond are discrimination and lack of education.

In history what are some of the problems china faced and how did they solve them?

it is a populated country

What were some problems Ferdinand Magellan faced on his voyage?

yor mom

What are some problems that Spain is facing?

Spain has faced a economic collapse.

What are some of the struggles faced by Mexican immigrants?

problems immigrants face

What are some challenges president Lincoln faced as president?

he had to tell the truth and learn how to be a great leader