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What were some of the ways that Jews were punished?

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The way that this question is phrased would offend numerous people because it assumes that the Jews were guilty of committing some sort of offense and were therefore rightfully castigated. This is not the case in the slightest. Jews (on the whole) never did anything worth punishing them for in the same way that Africans (on the whole) never did anything to merit enslavement. These actions were taken on account of bigotry and self-supremacy, not based on any system of equitable justice.

Jews received every type of maltreatment possible over the course of time. They have been enslaved, tortured, evicted, overtaxed, denied the right to movement, had their religion suppressed, had their families ripped from them, were attacked in their own homes, were summarily executed, were executed by genocide, denied the right to self-protection, restricted in their choice of occupation, denied voting or land acquisition rights, forced to stand trials and kangaroo courts specifically because of their faith, and they have been forcibly converted. That list is not exhaustive, but should hit the main points.

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What happened to the people who helped the Jews in World War 2?

some were rewarded, some were punished, some were both rewarded and punished (though usually the other way around).

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What were some ways the nazis persecuted jews?

Gased them

Why didn't the Germans get caught for killing the Jews?

They did, this is how we know about it now.

When do the Jews first become punished for practicing their faith?

During the Hasmonean era, some 2180 years ago.

How were people punished in Victorian times?

The people were punished in various ways during the Victorian times. Some of the main punishments included transportation, imprisonment and hanging.

Why were Jews punished for their religious beliefs?

The Jews were persecuted for their religious beliefs throughout history, but they were never punished for them, because punishment implies that they did something wrong. The reasons they were persecuted were hatred, fear, and bigotry.

What were some ways the Jews were marked to stand out from the non Jews?

cause they were more famous and had lots af people ...

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Zeus punished people for disobeying him in a number of ways. He punished Io by turning her into a cow and punished Atlas by making him hold a giant bolder for eternity.

Why do Germans dislike Jews?

germans dislike jews because Adolf Hitler tricked them in to thinking that jews were not true germans because they were different in some ways

What three groups were punished for their beliefs in the middle ages?

heretics, moors, and jews

What happened to people tha tried to hide Jews?

They were severly punished or killed.

What are some ways ancient Roman slavery was similar to American slavery?

They both got punished when they did something wrong or unfaithful

What are some ways the Jews were marked to stand out from the non-Jews?

they marked them with numbers so they would know if someone was missing or not they also would shave their heads.

Were Jews punished for talking to Nazi's during the Holocaust?

yes, if they spoke without permission

What happened to non Jews who were helping Jewish people during the Holocaust?

they were punished or were killed. none who helped the Jews were just left alone.

Why did some Jews kill themselves after they were released and rescued by the Russians and allies?

They sall a lot of other Jews get killed in very bad ways

What three ways the Jews were killed?

Three of the ways that Jews were killed in the Holocaust were: gassing, shooting and beating.

How were the Jews punished during the Holocaust?

Over 6 million of them were gassed then their bodies were burnt in ovens.

What are some of the ways that the Nazis exterminated the Jews?

sumary execution, working them to death, starving them to death

Can Jews work on a Saturday?

Saturday is the Sabbath in Judaism. Orthodox (and some non-orthodox) Jews will not work. Many non-Orthodox Jews will work, but still remember the Sabbath day in their own ways. (And yes, there are some Orthodox Jews that work on Saturdays, but they do not advertise this fact).

Were non-Jews punished for interacting with Jews in the Holocaust?

Sadly, they were. They were either just murdered, or put into concentration camps with other Jews and people who were "different" according to the Nazis/Hitler. It was terrible.

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