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Q: What were some social events Marie Antoinette went to?
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What was Marie Antoinette charged with?

treason, adultry, incest!<-some....

What was the nationality of Marie-Antoinette?

She was from Austria but had some french in her as well.

Why did Marie Antoinette's brother die?

Antoinette is seriously my middle name, Marie is my sister's middle name. Her brother died of some sort of sickness. ~Meep12345

What was the door in Marie Antoinette's bedroom at Versailles used for?

According to the movie Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst it seems to be a closet or some sort of room for dressing up.

What are some of Marie Antoinettes acheivments?

Marie Antoinette achievements were she became Queen of France, she had 4 children, and she became married.

What happened to Marie Antoinette's children after her death?

All died. Except her oldest girl, Marie Therese. She was sent to Austria to live with her grandmother, in exchange for some French prisoners. ( According to Marie Antoinette, Princess of Versailles, by Lasky )

How did Marie Antoinette lavishly spend the tax payers money?

she bought some booze, heroine and hookers, I hope this helps you.

How has Marie Antoinette influenced the world today?

Marie Antoinette showed everybody in the world today that being a Queen is not easy, for Marie had many heads turn against her one thing that Marie didn't do was care and look after everyone that she ruled over this lead her to her death. it's quite simple to share out some bread to those in need and as queen she didnt do that.

What good things are there about Marie Antoinette?

She was a patient wife to an uninterested king, a devoted mother, and a courageous queen. Marie Antoinette's major achievement: the amazing redecoration of her apartments in the various royal palaces, and her enlightened patronage of some of the greatest artisans and cabinetmakers who ever lived.

What did Marie Antoinette mean when she supposedly said let them eat cake how did this make her appear?

ha ha, do not be fooled friend. "Let them eat cake" was just a rumour, in fact it is most likely that Marie Antoinette said nothing like that at all. "Let them eat cake" was supposedly Marie Antoinette's response when she heard about the bread shortages in France. When she said that she meant some like "if there's no bread, then let them eat cake!". This rumour was made because Marie Antoinette was oblivious to the struggles of the average French citizens outside the lavish gates of Versailles.

Who were the famous people who were beheaded by the guillotine?

Among several hundreds some famous were king Louis XVI and his wife queen Marie Antoinette

What were some scandals of Marie Antoinette?

Well, the Diamond Necklace Affair was probably the biggest; pretty much everything else was petty, baseless speculation.

What were some of Marie Antoinette's great accomplishment's?

Marie Antoinette may not have had great accomplishments as other royals, but she refused to conform to all of society's laws and revolutionized the French aristocracy and Versailles. She changed fashion by doing away with the wide-hooped panniers for clothing that was plainer and started a trend for wearing less makeup.

What are some important events in New Hampshire history?

pizza was invented by Marie blaire. in 1763.

What were some famous people born in the year of the boar?

Luciano Pararotti, Maria Callas, Renee Fleming, Marie Antoinette, Hillary Clinton, Ronald Regan.

What are some names of famous queens?

Queen Elizabeth I of England Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain Queen Victoria of Britain (and Empress of India) Marie Antoinette

Where did Marie Antoinette reside?

in the french palace with king louis, presumably. however, if you want to know what town, some kind person will edit this and add the precise location.

What are some events in the Reign of Terror?

The Regicide of King Louis XVI. The execution of Marie Antoiette. The demise of Maximilien Robespierre.

Would the French revolution have occurred if Marie Antoinette didn't come to France?

Almost certainly. The French Revolution truly stemmed from the mass injustices between the three Estates of France and the equality to be found in the recent American Democracy. Marie Antoinette certainly made some of those injustices more obvious and made some statements that belied how unaware the first and second estate were of the third estate's problems, but she was not the cause of these problems.

What are the names of some of the most famous women in history?

There have been many women of importance in history. Some of the most famous women in history are Joan of Arc, Susan B. Anthony, Marie Antoinette, and Jane Adams.

What were some of Marie Antoinette's failures?

The failure to keep her country wealthy; France became very poor because of the debt the Queen put the country through, and the spending of money which was unecessary, and which the country did not have.

What was the sexual orientation of Marie Antoinette?

It was indeed rumoured that the French Queen Marie Antoinette was a lesbian. In those days, that word did not exist yet, and the proper way of saying that a lady was gay was "she is performing the German vice". Eversince Marie Antoinette was Austrian and is Austria they spoke (and still speak) German, a lot of jokes were made about this similarity. Marie Antoinette was the first queen in history (all around the world), that actually had pants made for her to go horse riding. Pants were mens clothing and a woman, let alone a queen, was absolutely not supposed to wear such manly things. She also rode her horse the way men did, with one leg on each side of the horse, and eversince at that time it was accustomed that ladies rode the horse with two legs on one side, that also provoked Hugh rumours about her sexual preference. And also because Marie Antoinette had great friendships with some of her court ladies (Princess de Lamballe, Yolanthe de Polignac), people started to print pornographic pamphlets that had drawings of her in an orgy with her court ladies. Though, Marie Antoinette was straight and actually fell in love with Count Fersen. She stayed close to him her whole life. If the two ever really had the love affair consumed, was never proven.

What were some important events is Elvis Presley life?

When he went into the army, his marriage, the birth of Lisa Marie and when he bought Graceland for his parents

Why was Louis and Marie Antoinette executed?

The French hated them. Some things Marie Anoinette was accused of was treason, plotting to kill the duc d'Orleans, orchestrating orgies in Versailles and the most cruel charge was incest with her son. Louis XVI was accused of crimes against the state, and also treason.

What did women do during the french revolution?

Some aristocratic women were beheaded in the Reign of Terror, such as Marie Antoinette. Charlotte Corday assassinated Marat in his bathtub. Some women denounced aristocrats. In other words, different women did different things.