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ancient sumerian clay tablets were made of mud, water. the writing was made up of wedge shaped symbols. also, only scribes knew how to make the clay tablets and how to write on them.

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What were Sumerian clay tablets made of?


How did the Sumerian civilization make clay tablets?

They formed tablets from clay, inscribed them with styluses, and baked them.

How do you make sumerian clay tablets?

i think you make them by buying clay

What were clay tablets made of?

Clay tablets were made out of clay that was easily found by the rivers of Tigris and Euphrates.

What was a sumerian calendar made out of?

it was made out of clay

Why did sumerian use clay tablets?

so they could use communication, so they can write , and also learn.!

In Sumerian times what were some of the jobs scribes had to do?

In sumerian times some of the jobs scribes had to do were keep records of what happened on wet clay tablets or how many goods they had.

What type of artifact has allowed us to learn a great deal about Sumerian civilization?

cuneiform on baked clay tablets

How did the Sumerian write cuneiform?

A stick with a triangle/wedge on the end was used to make the shapes that were put into the clay tablets.

What were Assyrians writing tablets made of?


Who made cuneiform?

the sumerians made cuneiform on wet clay tablets

How maps were first made?

actually maps were made on clay tablets

Who were the people who made cuneiform writing on clay tablets?


How did Egyptian writing differ from Sumerian writing?

Sumerian is the oldest known written language in human history. The writing was called cuneiform after the wedge shaped writing instrument. The pictograms were etched onto clay tablets and fired in kilns to make the writing endure. It was replaced by the Aramaic around 900BC. The Egyptians developed hieroglyphics, and they wrote on papyrus made from reeds. Papyrus was cheaper and easier to produce and keep than the clay tablets.

How were the first maps made?

it was made by clay tablets 4000 years ago

How was cuneiform made?

Cuneiform was made using wedged shaped tools and were made on clay tablets.

Sumerian writing consisting of hundreds of wedge-shaped marks cut into damp clay tablets with a shape-edge reed?


What were clay tablets used for?

Clay tablets were utilized for writting. Mostly cuneiform.

How did the mesopotamian people contribute to society?

By writing on tablets made out of clay

What is the Sumerian writing called?

"Cuneiform" (from the Latin cuneus, "wedge"). The symbols were impressed onto clay tablets using a stylus or a reed or just a pice of a stick.

What are wedge shaped writing made with reeds on clay tablets?

cunieform script

What were Sumerian Clay tablets made out of?

Flour, water, and sugar.Two cups of flour, a cup of water or 1/2 cup,1/4 cup of sugar.Then,knead until tough.Can keep in Freezer up to 5 days.

Did the empire leave a legacy of assyria?

Yes, they made many clay tablets and storys

How does the cuniform work?

Cuneiform is a system of writing used in ancient Sumer. It was pictographs made on clay tablets with a reed stylus. Eventually cuneiform used symbols for syllables and could be used for Sumerian, Hittite and other languages in the middle East.

What were the Sumerian contracts sealed in?