What were the 14 points for a fair peace by President Wilson?

  1. An end to secret treaties amongst countries
  2. Freedom of the seas to be guaranteed in peace and war
  3. A overall reduction of international trade barriers
  4. Military reductions amongst all nations
  5. The adjustment of colonial claims amongst all nations. Ethnic groups in colonial possessions to have a say in their own determination.
  6. The evacuation of foreign troops from Russian territory and recognition of the Bolshevik government
  7. All foreign troops to evacuate Belgium
  8. German troops to evacuate French territory and the province of Alsace-Lorraine to be returned to France.
  9. The Italian border to be extended into Austria-Hungary to include ethnic Italians living in that empire
  10. The ethnic groups of Austria-Hungary shall be able to form their own independent nations
  11. Central Powers troops in Romania, Serbia, and Montenegro to be evacuated. Access to the sea guaranteed for Serbia
  12. The Turkish portion of the Ottoman Empire to be guaranteed independence. Ottoman possessions in the Middle East to be granted eventual autonomy. Free passage for the ships of all nations through the Dardanelles to be guaranteed.
  13. The establishment of an independent Poland, including access to the sea
  14. The establishment of the League of Nations