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I'm not going to do your homework for you but I will address the issue of tariffs. The tariff was not a cause of the civil war. The question of how high the tariff on impoted manufatured goods should be was a point of contention between the agricultural south and the industrializing north in the years before the war. The north weanted a high tariff and the south wanted a low tariff. It only reached a level of a crisis once though, when South Carolina thretened to secede over the tariff in 1832. No other state supported her in her position though and she backed down, although the tariff was also reduced. In comparison the Union was frequently thretened with dismemberment over the slaver question and several important compromises had to be made to keep it together. Four of the Southern states issued declarations of causes along with their instruments of secession in order to explain why they were taking that step (you can find them on the web). They all focus alost solely on slavery. Only one of them even mentions the tariff and that only to cite the tariff as an issue that had been settled to Southern satisfaction and as an example of how the slavery question ought to have been handled. Michael Montagne

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Q: What were the 2 main causes of the civil war And why was slavery one of them But then again why was tariffs one of them andstates then there's how to developedthe west thanks for listening. see ya?
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