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The initial British plan to win the war against the American colonists was proposed by General Howe, who took control of the British forces after the Battle of Bunker Hill. The British would march north up the Hudson River Valley and join forces with the British army moving south out of Montreal. This would isolate New England from the rest of the colonies and with the support of the British navy, Massachusetts could be invaded and subdued from the West. If the Americans did not surrender, the British army would then turn south through New York. The British also relied on help from foreign mercenaries, Hessians, to win the war. These were professional soldiers hired to fight in the colonies. In the South, the British also expected help from the large number of Loyalists in that area. MrV

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Q: What were the British strategies in the American Revolution?
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In the American Revolution where did the British surrender?

In the American revolution where did the British surrender?

What statement compares the strategies of the British and American armies in the American Revolution?

The British army sought to fight the Continental Army in a decisive battle, while the Americans hoped to wear the British down with small skirmishes.

Who was the british monarche during the American Revolution?

who was the british monarch at the time of the american revolution

Who was the American Revolution between?

The American revolution was between the british and the Americans.

What was the British strategy for winning the American Revolution?

the American colonists won the American Revolution

Who participated in American Revolution?

who participated in the American revolution? Mostly the British and American Colonists

Who was the british monarch during the american revolution-?

King George III was the British monarch during the American Revolution.

Who was involved in American revolution?

The British and us the Americans were involved in the American Revolution.

What was the difference between the American Revolution and the latin American Revolution?

The American Revolution was America's fight for independence against the British.

Who were the British leaders in the American Revolution?

There were many British leaders during the American Revolution, but the main leader was the British king - King George III.

Who won the American Revolution- the British or the Americans?

The Americans won the American Revolution.

Who lost the American Revolution?

The British.

Who were the British leaders in the revolution?

King George III is the British leader during The American Revolution.

What was the American strategies in the American Revolution?

well,they were much more familiar with the land they were fighting the british on,and successfully used guerrilla tactics.this involved a hit-and-run strategy,instead of head-to-head battle.

Is a patriot an American?

If you were a Patriot in the American Revolution you were an American against the British.

How did weapons and tactics play a major role in the American revolution?

goog strategies

What where some of the strategies to the American Revolution?

I know one strategy was GUERRILLA WARFARE.

Why was the American Revolution a fallasy?

Compare the strenghts and weaknesses of the British and Americans entering the American Revolution

What was the British plan for victory during the American Revolution?

The British plan for victory was to quell the rebellion, because that is all they saw the American Revolution as.

Who sent British Troops during the American Revolution?

King George the 3rd was king, and he sent his British troops out to war in the American Revolution.

What did the British call the American Revolution?

The Rebellion.

What was a redcoat in the American revolution?

British militia.

What was the weaknesses for the British during the American Revolution?

The British had erectile disfunction

Where did the British surrender in the American Revolution?

In 1781, the British General Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown, Virginia. He surrendered 8,000 soldiers to American forces. This brought the American Revolution to an end.

How does the American Revolution effect Canada?

Many British Loyalists became instant Canadians after the American Revolution.