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What were the Calhoun Resolutions?

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states owned the territories of the US in common, and that the congress had no right to ban slavery in the territories "political revolution, anarchy, [and] civil war" would surely erupt if the North failed to heed southern concerns

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What was importance of the calhoun resolutions?

Calhoun resolution was important in that it opposed slavery.

Was Calhoun named after John C Calhoun?

Calhoun, Illinois was. Calhoun, California was named after Calhoun, Illinois, somewhat ironically.

What did the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions state?

The Kentucky Resolutions (Thomas Jefferson) and the Virginia Resolutions (James Madison) set the basic arguments for states' rights. Both documents seemed to support the rights of the states to interpret the Constitution by saying that if an individual state considered an act of Congress in violation of, or in conflict with the Constitution, that state could then declare that act (law) null and void (not enforceable) within the borders of that state. John C. Calhoun would base his doctrine of Nullification on the arguments set forth in the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions.

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Kentucky and Virginia resolutions?


Can mayor veto resolutions?

Resolutions are mainly ceremonial pronouncements. If the "resolutions' do not have the force of law, I don't believe so.

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