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Q: What were the Cheyenne Indians' clothes made of?
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What are the Cheyenne Indians clothes made of?

Buffalo or Deer

How did Cheyenne Indians make their clothing?

how did cheyenne indians make their clothes

Did the Cheyenne have seasonal clothes?

did the cheynne indians have special ceremony clothes

What is there to know about Cheyenne Indians?

The Cheyenne Indians lived in Wisconsin(mostly). they ate deer meat and hunted buffalo. the men wore breach clothes made of deerskin and the woman wore deerskin dresses!

What were the Cheyenne Indians natural resources?

The Cheyenne Indians used buffalo skin to make clothes, tepees and other things

What type of Jewelry did the Cheyenne Indians make?

The Cheyenne Indians made Publo and Plains style jewelry.

What clothes did the Cheyenne women wear?

The Cheyenne woman wore clothes made from elk, deer, bears, and buffalo. They made clothes for there children, themselves, and there husbands. These clothes are also decorated with beads and paints.

How did Cheyenne live prior to the arrival of Europeans?

Before the arrival of Europeans, Cheyenne Indians traded with other tribes and often fought with others as well. They were nomads and made different types of clothes and shoes.

What did the cheyenne live in and what is it made out of?

The Cheyenne Indians lived in tepees. Tepees are made out of buffalo skin.

How did the cheyenne Indians made the lodges?

Genital warts

What were the cheyenne Indians tools made of?

buffalo bones

Cheyenne Indians culture?

the culture of Cheyenne Indians

Who made decisions for Cheyenne Indians?

Their Chief Dull Knife!

What did the Cheyenne Indians make?

they made things out of clay and twigs

What kinds of clothes did the cheyenne Indians wear?

Animal skin leggings,moccasins,shirts and skirts and dresses,and shorts.

Where are the Cheyenne Indians?

They are in cheyenne.

How do the Cheyenne Indians make a living?

they made aiving by sellin a fortune

What do kwakiutl Indians clothes made of?

The Kwakiutl clothes was made out of cedar tree or bark.

What were the arictic Indians clothes made out of?

Indian clothes was made from sheep, and buffalo skin.

What are the art and crafts and desighns the Cheyenne Indians did?

What are the art and crafts and designs the Cheyenne indians did?They made vases, pots, pans, and they were being creative.

What did the Powhatan Indians clothes were made of?

They were made out of cotton

What did the Oto Indians wear?

The Oto Indians wore clothes they found (mostly) and made the clothes some of the times.

How did the horse affect the lives of the Cheyenne Indians?

it made it much easier to hunt

What indians made clothes out of bark?


Where did the Cheyenne Indians get their water?

the cheyenne indians got their water from streams,lakes,and rivers.