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they want the power to go to the national government, but i need to know about their view on slavery is.

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Q: What were the Federalists' views on slavery and states' rights?
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What were the views of the federalist and the anti-federalists?

they had an argument because there was no bill of rights and also the executive branch held too much power.

What position did federalists take on the constitution?

Federalists wanted the constitution. They supported Federalism (if you couldn't already tell from their label). Antifederalists opposed the Federalist views. They believed that the constitution took to much power from the states and thought it did not guarantee people's rights.

The debate over states rights and the supremacy of the national government became increasingly important between 1820 and 1860 because of opposing views on?


Views of federalists and anti-federalists?

fede const no no fede const

How did Lincoln's personal views on slavery differ from his political position on the subject?

Politically, he wanted the states to have to abolish slavery themselves, rather than the government. Personally, he wanted to end slavery, and the expansion of slavery, immediately. But, he believed in State Rights and therefore he could not just encourage the government to force the slave states to enter the Union as free states.

What were the political views of the federalists?

The Federalists were those people who supported the new Constitution of the United States. They believed in a strong national government with powers over the states. They did not support the states' rights beliefs of the followers of Thomas Jefferson. They favored protective tariffs to enable American industry to develop, favored collection of taxes from the states and favored a strong military to protect the nation. You can find more information about the Federalists at the related link below.

How did views about slavery differ in the Northern and Southern states?

Northern viewsA vocal minority of northern were abolitionists or people who wanted to end slavery.Southern viewsMany wanted to keep slavery no matter how bad the slaves felt about it .

What were the political views of the anti-federalist?

The anti-federalists were in favor of the Articles of Confederation as the law for the new government. If the Constitution was to be the law of the land, the anti=federalists insisted on a Bill of Rights.

What were the federalists views on the bank?


What were the pint of views of the Anti Federalist?

The Anti-Federalists believed, as the namesake suggests, opposite beliefs of the Federalists. Anti-federalists believed that the federal (national) government shouldn't be too big and generally believed in people's/states' rights. One of their strongest arguments was for the Bill of Rights. Federalists argued that the Constitution was better off without a Bill of Rights and that such an addition would be bad for the people's/states' rights because they would think that those listed rights are their only rights (the compromise: the 9th and 10th amendments). The Anti-Federalists, on the contrary, saw that the Constitution didn't give enough rights to the people in the body of the Constitution, so they wanted explicit ones in the B.O.R. Thomas Jefferson is a good example of an Anti-Federalist. They are generally more on the side of natural rights than civic virtue. Could be classified (arguably) as more liberal than conservative because of the emphasis on the individual rather than big government.

What view did the framers of the constitution have?

The framers of the Constitution didn't all have the same views. Some were federalists who wanted a strong central government and felt it should have much more power than the states. The anti-federalists were worried that the rights of the citizens were not going to be well protected. It took a lot of discussion as well as some compromising to get the job done. For instance, the anti-federalists pushed for a Bill of Rights and eventually got one.

What do anti-federalists believe in?

Anti Federalists want State Government to be more important and more powerful than Federal Government, and they believe in and want to keep the Bill of Rights. The term "Anti Federalist" was founded in the 1780's when forming the Constitution of the Unites States of America, along with the term "Federalist", a group of people who held opposing views to the Anti Federalists.

What Party took up the federalists views after federal party no longer existed?

what party took up the federalists' views after the federalist party no longer existed

What reason did the anti-federalists give to defend their views of th constitution?

Wanted important political powers to remain with states

What were the views of Federalists and Anti-Federalists on the type of government that would be best for the new nation?


What were John Adams's views on state rights?

John Adams was a states' rights activist. He also favored the federal government.

What were Robert Y Hayne views of states rights?

He supported state's rights, at least thats all that I know at the moment.

What were Lincoln's views on Slavery?

He wanted slavery abolished.

What is the biggest difference between the nationalistic and the states' rights views of federalism?


How did Lincoln and Douglas differ in their views of slavery?

Abraham Lincoln said that slavery could exist in the United States if it did not spread. That means that the states that had slaves could keep them, but any new state added to the union could not have slavery..... by--thoo

What were the two views of banking before the civil war?

Two views of bank which are Federalists: believe a strong banking system was necessary to develop healthy industries and trade and Anti-Federalists: supported a decentralized banking system where the states would establish and regulate all banks within their borders.

How did Abraham Lincoln's background influence his views on slavery?

Abraham Lincoln was raised by his father who was a strict Baptist and did not believe in slavery. His views and the encounters Lincoln had with slaves themselves influenced his views on slavery.

What were Alexander Hamilton's views on states rights?

he thought that state governments can not have too much power

What were the north's views about slavery?

the north's views on slavery were ngative and they wanted it abolished. that is why slaves went to the north when they ran away.

Which party is better federalists or antifederalist?

Depends on your political views and feelings about the role of Federal Government. For someone in favor of a strong centralized government the Federalists are better, for someone in favor of a Confederacy of States with a weaker Federal Government and strong State Governments, the Anti-Federalists are better. Generally the Federalists supported the ratification Constitution and the Anti-Federalist did not.