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They were fighting over the Korean War

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What are the islands called that Japan and China are fighting over?

Senkaku islands in Japanese.Diaoyu in Chinese.As a whole: Okinawa prefecture

Why does rice at Japanese restaurants taste better than at Chinese restaurants?

It Doesn't. Everybody has their own personal tastes, Yours might be Japanese over Chinese.

How many times do i have to say Pokemon is Chinese it is end of answer Chinese and i will keep saying this over and over Chinese Pokemon?

Pokemon is not Chinese. Made, originated in Japanese, and created by a Japanese person. So stop saying it's Chinese. Get your facts right. Do not confuse Chinese and Japanese. It's insulting to each culture and Pokemon was not created by the Chinese. To say Japanese and Chinese are the same is like saying Arabs and Israelis are the same. Pokemon is a romanization contraction of the Japanese brand, "Pocket Monsters" (ポケットモンスター Poketto Monsutā), a very common thing in Japan. It's licensed by Nintendo, Creatures Inc., and GAME FREAK, corporations of Japan. Japan also is in charge of Pokemon Co. Get it right.

Who won the Sino-Japanese War?

The Japanese won significant victories over the Chinese, occupied Chinese territory, and treated Chinese men, women, and children harshly. The war continued until it transitioned into World War II.

Who took over Manchuria in 1932?

The Japanese took over Manchuria in 1932. This was an attempt by Japan to have control over some of the land that belonged to the Chinese.

Where did the Japanese kimono come from?

the kimono is a development of Chinese clothing around 500-800AD to be civilised was to be Chinese, therefore the Japanese copied Chinese literature, government structure and dress. this garment however was not the kimono as we know it but it developed into this over hundreds of years. the kimono was a undergarment called the kosode.

What interactions occurred between European Indian Chinese and Japanese cultures?

EIC never liked the Japanese And always wanted to fight them and argue over bad economy

What is the differnce between japanese tea and chinese tea?

In the long run, Japanese tea and Chinese tea actually came from the same place, China. Over a long period of time the Japanese have improved there tea by growing their own. There are a few big differences between the two. The price, the quality, and the taste.

How did the Chinese contribute to westward expansion?

They came over to californiia during the gold rush, along with the russians, japanese, etc.

Where did kimono come from?

Kimono developed over time from imported Chinese and Korean robes, combined with native Japanese culture.

What is the main purpose of the first opium war?

The chinese people and brittans were fighting over nathan jollifee so they started a war

Are pagodas Chinese or Japanese?

People stumble over this question,but the truth is that the pagoda is Chinese and Japanese.The Chinese had it first and was introduced with Buddhism in Japan. China originally had pagodas used as watchtowers, but the Japanese took that idea and used it for a memorial for the buddha or other Buddhist personage. So they sort of borrowed it and built upon it.

Difference between Japanese and Chinese women?

To keep it simple...the differences are cultural standards, dress, mannerisms, religion, language, and roles in society. Japanese women though conservative in manner, are much more liberal than their Chinese counterparts which are conservative over all

Is Japanese at all similar to any of the Chinese dialects?

None (maybe a little bit of Mandarin, but the similarities stop there). However the writing is derived from Chinese (which slowly evolved over time) and most if not all have a Chinese style pronunciation ("on-yomi") for kanji.

What are the two leading countries in martial arts?

In my opinion Chinese Gong Fu and Japanese Karate which was revised to look different from gong fu after many years by the Japanese after Shaolin monks came to japan to teach Gong fu to the Japanese proof of this is shown that is why Japanese weapon systems use red oak Bo staffs because the old Chinese monks who came over to teach used bamboo staffs to walk with also another two countries martial arts coming into popularity now in the west is filapino Escrima and Thailand Muay Thai Shaolin Monks are also responsible for bringing over kali stick fighting used in Escrima to the Phillapine tribes

What were some of the influences of Chinese culture upon early Japanese culture?

The Japanese have taken much from Chinese culture, but over the centuries has put a distinctly Japanese stamp on it. For instance, tea is an important part of both countries' culture, with tea formal ceremonies to make and serve tea, but the Japanese version has become the ritual that most people think of. Both countries share a lot of early influences such as Buddhism, and the Chinese philosophy of Confucianism has played a big part in the Japanese way of looking at the world. Ideas such as collectivism and filial piety are part of Confucius' teachings that still resonate today in Japanese society. Other traditional Confucian values include the importance of education and saving within families. Chinese writing is also the basis of Japanese: "kanji," the pictographic Japanese alphabet uses Chinese characters, though they're pronounced differently. Many kanji characters mean the same thing in Japanese and Chinese. The Japanese added two more phonetic, simpler alphabets with fewer characters than the thousands required to master kanji.

In 1932 Manchuria was taken over by who?

In 1932 Manchuria was invaded and taken over by the Japanese military. The fighting lasted from September 18, 1931 to February 27, 1932 and resulted in a victory for Japan.

What are some differences between China and Japan?

The Chinese speak Mandarin-Chinese (although for many this is a second language); there are over a billion of them mostly along the coast; they are Communist but with strong almost capitalistic tendencies when it comes to international trade. The Japanese speak Japanese (which is not at all related to Chinese; Chinese is a Sino-Tibetan language whereas Japanese is a Uralic language); there aren't anywhere near as many Japanese as Chinese, but their cities are still fairly crowded; the Japanese have a constitutional monarchy like the British and are most definitely capitalist in nature. originally there were no Japanese, the Chinese inhabited the Japanese islands, which were named something else then. Eventually the Japanese themselves developed somehow from these people. Kanji which are Chinese characters which were used to write Japanese.. just like how the English alphabet is really latin or something; however problems arose with kanji being used for Japanese because of the differences in their language, therefore they made 2 other alphabets called , ひりがな(Hirigana) and かたかな(Katakana)... which are phonetic. These were simplified from kanji. the Japanese write with a mixture of all 3 alphabets Editor's note: Dude that was one huge run-on sentence.

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