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The United States had embargoed Japan's access to oil after Japan's invasion of Manchuria. Japan had little domestic supplies of it's own oil and relied on importation of oil for most of its power needs. Japan felt an attack on Pearl Harbor would convince America to stay out of Pacific affairs and provide it a stronger hand at the bargaining table.

AnswerImperialism. They wanted to "own" the Pacific. They felt that it was their right. AnswerThe US stopped trading goods such as scrap metal to Japan. We were "interfering" with their conquest to conquer Asia. Japan bombed our naval forces hoping we'd stop but they missed 2 major targets:

1.) US fuel reserves

2.) 4 aircraft carriers

The US was ticked off and Trueman dropped an atomic bomb on their industrial areas!


Japan was reacting to increases in U.S. resistance to Japanese aggression. This resistance including freezing all Japanese assets in the United States and placing an embargo on shipments of gasoline, machine tools, scrap iron, and steel to Japan.

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Q: What were the Japanese reasons for attacking Pearl Harbor?
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What if the Japanese didn't attacked Pearl Harbor?

If the Japanese did not attacked Pearl Harbor the United States will forgive Japan. The Japanese shouldn't be attacking Pearl Harbor. The United States will not attack Japan if the Japanese leave Pearl Harbor alone without attacking the US.

What was the Japanese approach on attacking Pearl Harbor?

Eliminate the US Battle Fleet at Pearl Harbor with ONE swift stroke.

What did the president do because of the attack on Pearl Harbor?

F.D.R. declared war on Japan in retaliation to the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor.

What was the attack of pearl harbor?

The attack of Pearl Harbour is the Japanese attacking a port in Hawaii. Pearl Harbour

Why did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor show both views?

The Japanese needed to neutralize the US by attacking Pearl Harbor so that they could expand Japanese interests in the Pacific .

How many American soldiers died attacking the Japanese in Pearl Harbor?

None. The Japanese attacked the Americans.

How did Japanese newspapers report the story of Pearl Harbor?

When the Japanese got back to Japan, after attacking Pearl Harbor, they probably told every one who would listen all about it.

Is there a reason for the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor?

the japanese were really mad because of the war so they decided to attack pearl harbor so they could show the americans who is better.

What reason did Japan give for attacking Pearl Harbor?

They gave no reasons. It was a declaration of war.

What did the Japanese force accomplish by attacking pearl harbor?

they accomplished the americans from getting to much power

How was attacking pearl harbor?

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Who won the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The Battle of Pearl Harbour was a complete success for the attacking Japanese.Although Japan didnt achieve all of their objectives, they were the victors on the Attack of Pearl Harbor.

Who won the battle of Pearl Harbor?

The Battle of Pearl Harbour was a complete success for the attacking Japanese. Although Japan didnt achieve all of their objectives, they were the victors on the Attack of Pearl Harbor.

What did the US do to the Japanese to make them bomb pearl harbor?

Nothing, really. The Japanese were attacking China, and were mad that we were offering The Chinese aid.

Who organized the attack on Pearl Harbor?

The orginizer of the attack on pearl harbor was Admiral yamamoto of the Japanese empiral navy.He was aposed to the idea of attacking America but still carried on the attack.

What are four events that eventually brought the US into World War 2?

Pearl HarborThere may have been other events, but the deciding event was the Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor.

What were the political reasons for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

Because the Japanese wanted some trix cereal

What happened during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese.

How did the Japanese lull the US into the attack on Pearl Harbor?

the Japanese did not lull the US into an attack on Pearl Harbor. the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, not the other way around.

What are the reasons the US went into World War 2?

The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor

Who was in the Pearl Harbor attacking?

japan and America

What is Pearl Habor Day?

pearl harbor is when the Japanese bombed pearl harbor

How many Japanese were in Pearl Harbor?

A good portion of the population in Pearl Harbor are of Japanese descent.

Who was the Japanese navy commander of the attacking force on Pearl Harbor?

The Japanese commander and planner of the attack on Pearl Harbor was Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. He remained as an American nemesis throughout most of the Pacific War. He was killed in 1943 when a plane he was in was shot down.

Who was attack during Pearl Harbor?

during pearl harbor, the Japanese were attacking American battleships with their Japanese air force. the air fighters were dropping bombs, using machine guns, and crashing themselves into American ships, also known as kamikaze.