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The McCarthy Hearings were inquiries made by Senator Joseph McCarthy into allegations of Communist subversion and espionage in the U.S. government and defense industries in the early 1950's. This period of intense inquiries was known as McCarthyism

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Q: What were the McCarthy hearings?
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Joseph r McCarthy went after the US army in televised hearings claiming that is was full of communists what did these hearings lead to?

A Senate censure of McCarthy

How did the army-mccarthy hearings lead to mccarthy's downfall?

Because McCarthy had a phat ole boner on television.

What was the fear that prompted the McCarthy hearings?


What committee held the McCarthy hearings?

the committee

What did the McCarthy hearings make people fear?


What did McCarthy hearings make people fear?


What was the significance of the Army-McCarthy hearings?

The Army-McCarthy hearings, held April through June of 1954, initiated the undoing of Senator Joseph McCarthy as far as his political power was concerned. By year's end McCarthy would be censured by the Senate and completely void of influence.

The significance of the televised Army-McCarthy hearings in 1954 was that they?

led to the discrediting of Senator McCarthy and his condemnation by the Senate

What was McCarthy's motive for McCarthyism?

Senator McCarthy's motives for his hearings were for, as he stated, to uncover communists in the US government and in the film industry as well. His hearings finally caused him to be censored by the Senate & criticized by US President Eisenhower. McCarthy ruined the lives of many people during these hearings. As an aside, Robert F. Kennedy and attorney Roy Cohen were for a time on McCarthy's staff.

Why did the Senate hold the Army-McCarthy hearings in 1954?


If found guilty what was the punishment in the McCarthy hearings?

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Both president truman's Federal employee loyalty program and senator joseph McCarthy's hearings aimed to do what?

Both the Federal Employee Loyalty Program, as well as Joseph McCarthy's hearings, were focused on rooting out communist influence in the US government. McCarthy's hearings sometimes also focused on evaluating the security risk of homosexuals in government.

What event led to the senate hearings on joseph McCarthy's accusations?

McCarthy claimed that the U.S. Army was full of communists.

What were the results of the Army-McCarthy hearings?

McCarthy lost all of his supporters, "he had no power" but he was still in the senate.

What is a connection between the McCarthy hearings and the Crucible?

Trial by accusation

How were the McCarthy hearings and the Salem witch trials simliar?

They hurt innocent people

How were the McCarthy hearings similar to the Salem witch trials?

They were both a "witch hunt".

How did senator Joseph McCarthy investigate domestic communism?

he asked for tevelvised hearings

What was the last straw for Senator Joseph McCarthy in the eyes of the American public?

The televised hearings put McCarthy's bullying tactics on display for the country.

Who was president during the McCarthy hearings?

President Dwight Eisenhower

What kinds of trials or hearings were held by senator McCarthy?

Very important things about the witches.

How were the Salem witch trials and the McCarthy hearings alike?

They hurt innocent people. apex

What happened to the accused in the McCarthy hearings of the 1950's?

they died of extremely violent diarrhea.

How did Joseph McCarthy affect Americans during the cold war?

Communism senate hearings

What influenced the writing of Arthur Miller?

The McCarthy hearings influenced the writing of Arthur Miller.