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What were the Middle Ages also called?


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Medieval Times. "Medieval" and "Middle Ages" are both from Latin medium aevum.


It is also called the Dark Ages, especially the Early Middle Ages (476-1000).


The Middle Ages are between the Fall of Rome to the Renaissance. Italian Renaissance historians Leonado Bruni and Flavio Biondi created a three-part division of the history: Classical, Middle Ages, and Modern.


The Middle Ages are also called Age of Faith, because the main questions of the age centered on the question of religion. These questions included relationship of church and state, the unity of the Christian Church, evangelism, and the Christian reaction to Islam.

The Middle Ages are divided into sections by historians as follows:

  • The Early Middle Ages, also called the Dark Ages, from 476 to 1000 AD.
  • The High Middle Ages, from 1000 to 1300.
  • The Late Middle Ages, from 1300 to 1453.

The dates vary to some extent with according to the historian, with the beginning dates being 400, 410, 476 or 500, and the ending dates being 1400, 1453, 1492, or 1500.

The part called the Dark Ages was called so because there are few writings extant from the time.

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