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They were the Einsatzgruppen (literally 'Action Units') of the SD (Sicherheitsdienst - Security Service) and carried out massacres on a vast scale. mainly in the Soviet Union (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia). They were responsible to Heydrich. In addition, they recruited local volunteers to help them slaughter the Jews. For example, there was a force of over 32,000 Lithuanians, many of whom worked with the Einsatzgruppen far beyond the borders of Lithuania.

There were four Einsatazgruppen (A, B, C and D), each of about 750 men, plus the local volunteers. Incredible as it sounds, three of these four units were commanded by men with doctorates. Otto Rasch, the commander of unit C, even had two doctorates and is sometimes referred to as Dr. Dr. Rasch.

In the early stages of the Holocaust the 'big idea' was to take the killers to the victims. Later (1941-42 on), with the invention and construction of extermination of camps, that was to a large extent reversed and the victims were transported to the killers.

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Q: What were the Nazi mobile killing units in the Holocaust?
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What did the Nazi mobile killing units do in the Holocaust?

They followed some miles behind the front line looking for those types of people who were seen as a threat to security.

What division of the Nazi police force was devoted entirely to dealing with Jews?

You may be thinking of the Einsatzgruppen (mobile killing units), which carried out the early stages of the Holocaust.There was no Nazi police force devoted solely to 'dealing with the Jews'.

What were the Nazi mass killing of squads called?

They were called Einsatgruppen (or SD-Einsatgruppen). In English they are often referred to as mobile killing units.

What was the name of mass killing mobile units called in Nazi Germany?

The German term is SD-Einsatzgruppen.

Did Nazi mobile killing units lead death marches?

yes _______ No, they were generally led by the guards from the prison camps.

Special strike forces for carrying out Nazi Final Solution?

The special force consisted of the mobile killing units - the Einsatzgruppe.

What is the atrocity of killing all of Europe's Jews by the Nazi governments was known as?

The Holocaust. :)

In what year did the Holocaust start?

The Nazi genocide of the Jews started in 1941.In July 1941 German mobile killing units went into action behind German lines as the Germany army advanced in the Soviet Union.On 8 December 1941 routine mass gassings of Jews started at Chelmno.

When was the Nazi Holocaust exposed?

1945 was when the nazi holocaust was exposed

What was Nazi Germany's systematic killing of Jewish people called?

Genocide, eradication, mass murder...a holocaust.

What did humans do to treat typhus in the holocaust?

The Nazi German blessed the typhus. It was less work for them at killing the prisioners.

Holocaust word that starts with a?

Auschwitz (the largest Holocaust killing centre). Adolf Hitler (the Nazi leader) Adolf Eichmann (the Nazi who organized the transport for Holocaust perpetration) Anti-Semitism (prejudice or discrimination against Semites, Jews) Atrocity (an act which is illegal by international law)

What was the name of the Nazi mobile killing squads sent to Poland and the Soviet Union?

They were the SD-Einsatzgruppen.

What were some conflicts for the Holocaust children in the nazi war?

What were some conflicts for the holocaust children in the nazi war?"

What does the word holocaust refer to?

An event involving loss of life on a collossal scale ("nuclear holocaust"), and particularly the mass-killing of the Jewish population during World War Two by Nazi Germany. Holocaust is a Greek word for "sacrifice by fire".

Who carried out the Final Solution?

The actual killings were carried out mainly by the SS and the mobile killing units, assisted by local volunteers from some of the Nazi-occupied areas of what was then the Soviet Union. Romania and Croatia carried out their own national holocausts.

Can you give three non German nationalities that killed Jews in the Holocaust?

Two of Germany's allies - Croatia and Romania - carried out their own national holocausts.In June 1941, when the Nazi mobile killing units first went into action in Kaunas, Lithuania, they were joined by a significant number of Lithuanians who believed that "the Jews" had been responsible for the annexation of Lithuania by the Soviet Union the previous year.

What does the term special treatment and final solution refer to?

Final Solution = Hitler's Jewish Holocaust. Special Treatment = Nazi euphemism for killing or extermination.

The atrocity of killing all of Europe's Jews by the Nazi governments was known as the?

The Holocaust (In Hebrew: HaShoah -- In Yiddish: Churben) Also can be referred to as the final solution.

What role did technology play in the carrying out of the Nazi Holocaust?

Technology played a massive role in the Holocaust; it was known as the first industrialised mass murder. Technology allowed for the killing of great numbers of people and the disposal of their remains.

Which government sponsored the Holocaust?

The Holocaust was committed by the government of Nazi Germany.

Did Germany support the Holocaust?

Yes, Nazi Germany was the creator of the Holocaust.

What other factors led to the Holocaust?

Nazi Party Nazi Party

What did the Nazi do to the Adults in the holocaust?

they killed them...

Why wasn't the Holocaust solved sooner?

The Holocaust was the Nazi genocide of the Jews. The Nazi regime chose to do this. It was not some 'problem' that needed 'solving'.