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What were the North's disadvantages in the Civil War?

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  • They lacked the military traditions of the South which limited the number of high quality military leaders. The young men of the South were generally skilled on horseback and quickly became skilled as horseback killing and fighting.

The north had a few disadvantages.

First, they were fighting offensively

Second, they were in enemy territory and was not familiar with it.

Third, the north or the Union did not want to fight at all, the north had no will and no motivation to fight or win. The South had the courage and will to fight.

these are just the few disadvantages. Hope it helped!
They had no experence in the south
Southerners were rural dwellers used to doing with less and living a more primitive life. Most southerners could handle a weapon and were more adaptable to the life of a soldier. At the beginning of the war the South had superior calvary however after a couple of years in an Army saddle the North caught up in that area. The South was on the defensive and that means that they were most likely to be fighting on familiar ground and defense can make due with fewer troops than an attacker. In those days it was thought the attacker needed a two or three to one advantage over the defender. When you are on defense the movement of troops is much quicker. Imagine a semicircle. The ends of the semicircle are closer if you cut across the diameter of the circle than if you must go around the outside of the circle. This meant even more when you move on the battlefield by foot.
Many of the best officers of the US Army had resigned to join the Confederates.

Lack of cavalry at the beginning.

Strong chance of Britain and France helping the South.

A less inspiring war-mission than the enemy had.

A bad draft law, whereby a young man of military age could pay a substitute to do his service for him - bad for morale, and the substitutes were no use.
The burden of having to do the invading.

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Who was the norths general during the civil war?

the norths main general was Ulysses S. Grant

What was the norths capital during the civil war?

Washington d.c.

What was the norths color during the civil war?

navy blue

What was the Norths 3 part strategy in civil war?

To win.

What was norths goals during the civil war?

to free all slaves from slavry in the south

Norths major military leaders during civil war?

ullyses s. grant

Who was norths general during civil war?

Mary-Joe-anna or Jo-mama

What was norths main goal in fighting the civil war?

To reunite the states and get the cotton revenues back.

What war the norths greatest recource during the civil war?

Much bigger population and much bigger manufacturing capacity.

What were the disadvantages of the civil war?


What were the Confederate ships that broke through the Norths line of defense in the Civil War?

These ships were called blockade runners

What was the norths reason to right in the civil war?

The north wants to end slavery The north wants to end slavery

How did the first major battle of the civil war change the norths ezpectations about the war?

Before Bull Run, most assumed that the war would be short and easy.

What was the norths strategies for winning the civil war?

Control the Mississippi, capture Richmond, and split the South in half. -Rock Lee

What was the Norths plan of attack for winning the US Civil War?

They wanted to capture Richmond, and cut off the South's supplies.

What is a factor that historians believe contributed to the norths victory during the civil war?

The most talented President the Americans ever had

What was the norths stratagy during the civil war?

One of the things the North wanted to do was to capture the Mississippi River, dividing the south in half.

What were the disadvantages to the south during the civil war?

there not from the north

What was the Norths war production?


What were the Norths greatest strengths of the US Civil War?

* Manpower. * An Industrial base. * A fleet capable of establishing a blockade on the South. * lots of girls

Did Maryland fight for the north or south in the civil war?

no Maryland did not fight .They specifically said that they had nothing to do with it but if they were fighting they would fight for the norths freedom

What was the economy like for the north during the civil war?

The Norths economy during the civil war and in general during this time period was industry and trade, the Souths was agriculture The Northern economy wasn't as badly hurt by the war as the economy of the South. (APEX)

What was the norths economy before the civil war?

The North's economy before the Civil War was very different from the South, which came as an advantage during the Civil War. The North was less agricultural and progressing industrially, whilst the South was still high on agriculture. The North was much more populous and advanced...

What were the disadvantages of the African Americans that fought in the civil war?

i wish i knew

What were some disadvantages of the north during the civil war?

bad questioin