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The plans of the Radical Republicans in Congress during the Civil War was to abolish slavery. They wanted to deal our harsh punishments to slave owners throughout the South for their part in slavery.

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How did congress react to Johnson's vetoes of radical republican bills in 1866?

congress overrode Johnson's veto and pass the civil right act.

Who was a Radical Republican after the Civil War?

Thaddeus stevens

Radical Republicans term?

Radical Republican, during and after the American Civil War, a member of the Republican Party committed to emancipation of the slaves.

Assess the success of Republican reconstruction?

The main goal for the reconstruction in the Civil War was to rebuild and accept the South in the US again, but radical republican reconstruction wanted to make the South pay for what they had done. The radical republican reconstruction was somewhat of a success in that they had several bills passed in Congress against the South.

What were the three plans for reconstruction after the civil war in 1865?

Lincoln's Reconstruction plan, Johnson's Reconstruction Plan and the Radical Republicans in Congress Reconstrucion plan

What was one definition of a Radical Republican during the US Civil War?

The most common definition of a Radical Republican during the US Civil War was a Republican who viewed the war as a crusade against slavery. They were a minority in the party. But they were a vocal minority.

What role did congress play during Reconstruction?

During the Civil War, the Radical Republicans were taking control of Congress and beginning to use their political clout to project their ideals. By the end of the war they had complete control of Congress and over a weak president until Grant, another Radical Republican, was elected president. All in all, the Radical Republicans were almost entirely responsible for Reconstruction.

What was Radical Reconstruction?

Radical Reconstruction was the imposition of military government in the South after the Civil War, in order to punish the former Confederate states and enforce the abolishment of slavery. Abraham Lincoln disagreed with the plans of the Radical Republicans in Congress, who instituted the military control of the South after his assassination,

Did the Radical Republicans urge Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1866?


Who were the radical republicans and what did they want?

Radical Republicans strongly opposed slavery and were a proponent of equal rights during the Civil War and Reconstruction. Thaddeus Stevens of Pennsylvania was a famous Radical Republican.

Whose Republican group wanted full equality for African-Americans after the Civil War?

The Radical Republicans

Which plan was ultimately used for reconstruction after the civil war of 1865 Lincoln's Johnson's or the Radical Republicans?


What was the role of John Calhoun in the civil war?

He was a Republican in Congress who passed the 12th-15th amendments!

After the Civil War a major goal of the Radical Republicans in Congress was to?

gain voting right for the newly freed slaves

Thaddeus Stevens Charles Sumner and Benjamin Wade were leaders of the?

They were leaders of the Radical faction of the Republican Party at the time of the Civil War.

Who are Charles Sumner and Thaddeus Stevens?

Charles Sumner and Thaddeus Stevens were the main leaders for The Radical Republican group after the civil war.

Was Charles sumner an abolitionist?

Yes. Charles Sumner was a Radical Republican and abolitionist who served as a U.S. Senator during the Civil War.

What plan did radical Republicans have for the south?

The Radical Republicans sought to punish the South and destroy the society that had been based on slavery, and that still tried to maintain power after the Civil War. To accomplish this, Southern states were put under military jurisdiction, and their Democratic governments replaced with Republican candidates, some of them the first elected African-Americans. States were required to ratify the 13th and 14th Amendments in order to regain representation in Congress. The election of 1866 brought many Radical Republicans to power in Congress, and they blocked any attempts by President Johnson to alter their plans. Eventually Johnson was impeached and nearly removed from office.

How did salmon chase positively impact Lincoln's presidency?

Salmon P. Chase was a remarkable Treasury Secretary to Lincoln, and he was very instrumental in financing the Civil War. Chase was also a Radical Republican, and while he was in Lincoln's Cabinet, the Radicals in Congress were satisfied that Lincoln had a Radical in his Cabinet and criticised him less than they would have otherwise.

How did Radical Republicans gain control of ReconstructionEra politics?

Following the US Civil War, the radical wing of the Republican Party retained the control over the US Congress they had when the war began. After the war, the Democrats and moderate Republicans were not united in any meaningful fashion. This left the radicals to put forth their own agenda concerning Reconstruction Era policies in the South.

How did the moderate and radical republicans in congress disagree over African American civil rights?

They blamed the problem on Andrew Johnson's Reconstruction policies

What political party attracted southerners after the Civil War?

The political party that most southerners joined after the Civil war was the Democratic party. They opposed the radical reconstruction policies that were favored by the Republican Party at that time.

Who was in control of congress before the civil war?

It was Democratic under the leadership of James Buchanan and Republican right before the start of the civil war under the leadership of Abraham Lincoln.

During the civil war the republican - controlled congress?

Passed a law calling for the construction of a railroad line from Nebraska to the Pacific Coast.

Are there plans for another Civil War?

No, there are no plans in America for a civil war, nor is there any need to have a civil war.

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