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What were the Positive effects of imperialism on Latin America?

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There was only one positive efffect of imperialism in Latin America, and the positive effect is Latin America had gotte new materials, or objects, and resources to work with.

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What were the positive and negative effects of imperialism on Latin America?

the positive affect was the fact that they were given new resources to work with

What were the negative effects of imperialism on latin america?

Imperialism led to more political instability. There were feuds among the leaders. The liberals fought for new land reforms. Many new independent countries were struggling with civil wars. These were the various negative effects of imperialism in Latin America.

What effect did regionalism have on Latin America?

There was only one effect of imperialism in Latin America, and the positive effect is Latin America had gotta new materials, or objects, and resources to work

What are negative and positive effects of imperialism in Latin America?

some negative effects were literary rates were low and infant mortality rates were high positives are boosted the european economies added to their power and influence , boundaries were made,gotten new materials ,objects and resources to work with

What are the negative effects of globalization on Latin America?

There are many negative effects of globalization on Latin America. These negative effects include the dilution of Latin American culture.

When and where did the us use military action in Latin America?

Ever since the 18th century; all Latin America has suffered such kind of imperialism.

When did Spain begin their imperialism of Latin America?

Since October 12, 1492.

Why is roman catholic the religion of latin America?

Roman-Catholicism is the religion of much of Latin America because, during the period of imperialism, they were conquered by the Spanish, who were Catholics.

How did imperialism encourage economic dependence?

What problems faced new nation in Latin America?

Effects of imperialism on latin America?

They were protected:Example = America used something called the "Monroe Doctrine", to keep countries out of Latin America. It lets other countries know that if they intervene with the U.S. And its holdings, it would be considered an act of war.New Materials:Example = They got new materials, objects, or resources to work with.

How was the effect of imperialism on Latin America similar to its effect on China?

Latin America was commercially dominated by the united states. Similarly, China's economy was controlled by Japan and other countries. (APEX)

What were the effects on Latin America after World War 1?


What effects did monroe doctrine and the roosevelt corollary have on Latin America?

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What is a statement about the effects of the Great Depression is false?

It did not affect Latin America

What are some of the effects of urbanization in latin America?

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How did imperialism affect Latin America?

It ended in mass-slavery, losing of all jewels, gold and lot's of other valueable latin-America stuff. Even now you can still see that some Latin America regions are a whole generation behind us in social advancements, technology...

What are the effects of American imperialism?

many countries had tensions with the US especially Latin Americans. It brought the encouragement of economic dependence with other countries

What were the consequences of imperialism for Asia Africa or latin America?

For Asia it brought modernisation, for Africa it brought degeneration of its population and resources, & for Latin America it destroyed their culture but brought a new one which was destined for greatness but somehow failed.

What are some effects of urbanization in Latin America?

Among developing countries, Latin American countries have the highest proportion. It is also likely to concentrate some environmental effects geographically.

What was Simon bolivars opinion on imperialism?

He was against imperialism. He lead a revolution for the Latin Americans. He fought against it.

Which countries have people migrating to them?

Typically, first-world countries and Latin America has positive rates of immgration.

How can how can the weather affect the economy in Latin America?

They are mostly a farming economy and if the weather is bad it effects the plants.

What effects did the Monroe doctrine and the Roosavelt corollary have on Latin America?

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Do iguanas live in Latin America?

They do live in America,but not in ''Latin America.''

What were the lasting effects of Spanish conquest in Latin America?

Above all it completely changed their religion, cultures, and language.