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What were the Royal Flying Corps losses in world war 1?


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According to the 'Macmillan Dictionary of the First World War' just over 3000 aircraft were lost. This must have been the casualties due solely to enemy action, as total aircraft losses ('write-offs') in the period 12 Jun 1915 to 1 Mar 1917 alone were 4047 (Statistics of the Military Effort of the British Empire 1914-1920). There were LOTS of flying accidents. Total casualties for personnel were: 16,623, of whom 6,166 were aircrew (Macmillan) Total strength of the RFC in August 1914 was: 179 aircraft (only 66 combat-ready), 147 officers & 1,264 other ranks. Total strength of the RAF in December 1918 was: 22,000 aircraft & 291,000 personnel