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They were trying to find a quicker route to Asia. Their main motivation was spices and other trade items.

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Q: What were the Spanish searching for when Columbus came to the New World?
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What did Christopher Columbus do that affects us today?

Columbus brought the Spanish to the New World. Then came the Dutch. French, and English.

Did Columbus ever bring any cattle to The New World?

Yes. The Longhorns' ancestral roots came from Spain, which is where Columbus, among other Spanish refugees, who were fleeing from the Spanish rule in the late 1400's, came from.

Did Spanish and Portuguese explorers come to the Americas looking for treasure?

Spanish and Portuguese conquistadors came to the New World, or the Americas, searching for gold.

Who came to the New world first Columbus or the Pilgrims?


When did spanish come to America?

The Spanish first came to America in 1492. Christopher Columbus was the first Spanish explorer to arrive in the Americas.

What year did Columbus came to the new world?


How did Christopher Columbus came to the Caribbean?

They left Spain on ships and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean he was going west but was searching for India.

Who came to America after Columbus in 1492?

other explorers and colonist around the world.

Who came to the Americas in 1492?

columbus columbus

What did the spanish do when they came to the new world?

gold and sliver

Who came first to America Columbus or the pilgrims?

The Christopher Columbus came first in 1492.

What was the new world from columbus when he came here?

No name. He didn't land in North America.

Who did Ponce de Leon sail with the first to the New World?

christopher columbus came with him

Why did discovering a new world make christopher Columbus famous?

A lot of people were on the land but didn't know what it was , but Columbus came and discovered it was America .

Who brought the first horses to the US?

Its said that the Spanish first brought horses over when they came over searching for new land

What explorers came to America after Columbus in 1942?

None, Columbus was dead, he came to America in 1492

Which came first Cartier's journey to North America or the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors?

The Spanish conquistadors can be dated with Columbus. Even if history uses Cortes' as the measurement, Cartier was later.

Why did the spanish came to the new world?

they need more land

What family did Christopher Columbus come from?

The explorer Christopher Columbus came from what is today modern Italy. Columbus was born, and came from a Genoan family.

What contrey did Columbus came from?

i think from Italy but he sailed under the spanish because Italy would not give him the money needed for his trip.

Christopher Columbus converged with three people?

Three groups of people converged when Christopher Columbus came to the New World: Indians, Africans, and Europeans

Why did French and Spanish explorers come to north America?

well, they came in search of the northwest passage, of gold and other valuable materials, searching for a fast route to the indies, for pelts, and trying to convert the natives to Christianity or to enslave them actually they .... They followed the animals they were hunting. They were searching for gold. They were searching for adventure. They came for religious freedom. They came to own land of their own. They came to find a quick trade route to the Indies. They came by mistake. They got lost at sea! They came to claim land and power for their country

Why didnt christopher Columbus sail to Asia?

He did but when he was going he accidently came across a new world

What date did christopher Columbus came to Spain form his first voyage to the new world?


When did the genocide of the native Americans occur?

Well, the Spanish conquistadors came from Cuba to the America's in 1492 after Columbus discovered the "New World." So I would say somewhere from the late 1400s until the early 1500s.