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people die and it's very expensive!!

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Q: What were the U.S.'s reasons for staying out of World War 1?
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How many World War 2 battleships are left?

USS Iowa USS New Jersey USS Missouri USS Wisconsin USS Alabama USS Massachusetts USS texas USS North Carolina

How many battleships were lost by the US in World War 2?

USS Arizona, USS Utah, and USS Oklahoma are still on the bottom. However, the battleships USS Pennsylvania, USS New York, USS Nevada, and USS Arkansas are also on the bottom...sunk as targets after the war.

Name of us ship's sunk in World War 2?

To name a few, USS Arizona, USS Oklahoma, USS Utah, USS California.

What battle stars did the USS Randolph receive in World War 2?

The USS RANDOLPH earned three battle stars for World War II service.

Did the USS Hornet serve in World War 1 and 2?

USS Hornet served only in the second world war. The CV-8 and the CV-12.

How many q-ships were there is World War 2?

5. The USS Atik, the USS Asterion, the USS Big Horn, The USS Captor, and the USS Irene Forstyle.

What battleships were in World War II?

uss Mississippi

What ocean liners sinking provided impetus in leading the US to join the Allies in World War 1?

The attack on Pearl harbor did indeed bring US to the war. USS California USS Maryland USS Oklahoma USS Tennessee USS West Virginia USS Arizona USS Nevada USS Pennsylvania

What were the names of the US aircraft carriers involved in World War?

To name a few: USS Bismarck Sea USS Lexington USS Yorktown USS Hornet USS Wasp USS Princeton USS Gambier Bay USS St. Lo USS Liscome Bay

Was the USS Maine a reason why the US got involved in World War 1?

No the USS Maine was sunk by internal combustion in the Spanish American War

What wars did the uss intrepid fight?

a war the intrepid fought was World War II

What ships hit mines after world war 2?

USS Samuel B. Roberts, USS Tripoli, and the USS Princeton; I am sure there are more, but that's a start.

What were the reasons given for the US to go to war with the Spanish?

Support for Cuban Independence and the sinking of the USS Maine.

How many kinds of aircraft carriers were in world war 2?

Fleet Carriers (Examples: USS Lexington, USS Enterprise) Light Carriers ( USS Princeton, USS Independence) Escort Carriers (USS Gambier Bay, USS Bismarck Sea)

Did the USS Yorktown sink during World War 2?

Yes, it did.

What were the names of the American Aircraft carriers in World War 2?

Well over 100 vessels to name, but here's some important ones: USS Yorktown, USS Hornet, USS Enterprise, USS Lexington, USS Saratoga, USS Wasp, USS Princeton, USS Gambier Bay, USS St. Lo, USS Bismarck Sea.

How did the USS Maine affect the Spanish American war?

The loss of the USS Maine was blamed by many people on the Spanish. This incident was something that sparked bad feeling toward Spain and was used as one of the reasons to enter the war.

What was one of the reasons to start the Spanish American War?

In support of Cuban Independence and because of the sinking of the USS Maine.

What were the U.S. reasons for staying out of World War I?

At first America saw it as a problem for Europe to handle on its own and did not think it would travel over the Atlantic Ocean

When and where did World War 2 end?

World war 2 ended on September 2, 1945 on the USS. Missouri in Tokyo bay.

Where Japan signed the terms of surrender of World War 2?

The USS Missouri, a US battleship from the war.

What happened to the USPorter in World War 2?

The USS Porter was sunk by the Japanese.

What battles did the USS Burleigh engage in during World War 2?


When papers ending World War 2 were signed what battleship were they on?

USS Missouri.

What were the post world war 2 aircraft carriers?

USS Midway class.