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What were the affects of World War 2 on Japan's homefront?

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The Japanese people believed they owed an absolute duty to their emperor and in that duty believe they should lay down their lives for the success of their country. From an American perspective, they were somewhat fanatic. From their point of view, they were absolutely correct.

They developed the kamikaze suicide fighters. Also their homeland defense before the atomic bomb was characterized as a fight to death of every citizen of Japan.

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What were Japans strengths in World War 2?

* A totally dedicated and motivated Armed Forces. * A supportive homefront. * A powerful Navy.

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Japans World War 2 emperor?

Emperor Hirohito.

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World War.

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What was japans achillies heel in world war two

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Japan's economy after World War II was extremely poor. We had to support them.

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Emperor Hirohito

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Hirohito was Emperor from 1926 to 1989.

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racism, resouces, revenge

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