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Influenza spread by insanitary military conditions and troop movements killed millions, mostly in Asia but also in Europe, the Americas and Africa. Europe declined in economic and military power, encouraging independence movements to seek independence in its overseas colonies. Russia went Communist. The United States emerged greatly strengthened. Industrial growth picked up in Japan and India following the wartime disruption of British exports. Anger at the postwar settlement in central Europe led to the rise of anti-Treaty settlement, culminating in the rise of fascism and nazism. Heavy wartime military losses contributed to British and French reluctance to confront German and Italian expansionism in the late 1930s.

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Post war affects on the world after World War 2?

Alliances were made. Friendly nations became the enemy.

What are the causes and affects on World War 1?

Cause - Immaturity, both political and social Effect - The Second World War

What do you call the affects of nuclear war?

Possible destruction of the world as we know it

What are the affects of chlorine gas in World War 1?

The use of chlorine and mustard gases in World War I horrified the world. It was considered an unfair weapon of war and was outlawed for all wars after the Great War.

How did World War 2 affect Bulgaria?

affects bad with territory and revenue

What were the affects of mustard gas in World War 1?

It caused devastating injuries to soldiers.

What negative affects did world war 2 have on Native Americans?

Deaths and injuries to Native Americans were at a much high proportion in World War II. Also, many of them did not receive proper care after returning from the war.

How the World War 2 affects your present?

This sad event has left its mark on our present. They can be positive, and unfortunately negative.

What was the economy after World War 2 like?

the economy was worse after ww2 because we spent so much on war an didnt think of the affects it would have on us

What were the effects of World War 2 on US business labor and government?

Wars have different type of affects politically and economically.

How does Banastre Tarleton affect the world?

he affects the war by threatening deafeat to the patriots! in other word being evil and awsome!

Why does Hannibal lecter kill people?

He is a sociopath suffering the affects of childhood horrors that he experience during World War II.

How does war affecy the world?

It affects the wold because it show how preconception killed more than 25 million people.

Did World War 1 drain the treasuries of Europe?

YES! According to my textbook, that is one of the affects WW1 had on the European Countries.

How gunpowder changed the world?

It changed the world because if we didn't have gunpowder we wouldn't have fireworks but since we do have gunpowder we can have fireworks!Gunpowder affects everything especially in war:(

What were the affects of world war 2 in Nagasaki long after the war?

The atom bomb was dropped on it.... which means that the effects would be long term radioactive strictures sitting around.

What was the affects of mustard gas in World War 1?

Death, blindness, severe injuries from extremely severe blistering of skin and airways.

Affects of the civil war?

the affects where that many people died, and the south's economy was nearly destroyed

What were the affects of the Pacific War on World War 2?

The Pacific War was part of World War 2. It consumed resources that would otherwise have been available to other theaters of war, just as it was denied resources needed for those other theaters. So its effect was that it took longer, and required more resources, to prosecute the entire war.

How did World War 1 affects India?

it nearly helped em gain their inderpendance. they donated more than 1.5 million men

Military technology affects the world?

It affects the world when abused because it can destroy the whole planet. It can destroy the people and the environment.

What were the economic affects of the cold war?

Military contracts.

Long Term Affects of Vietnam War?

No draft.

What affects did alliances have one World War 1?

World War I was profoundly affected by alliances. Indeed, the "alliance system" in place at the time was one direct cause of the war, as various nations not directly threatened in any way by the initial confrontation were soon drawn into it, all the same.

What war affects the characters' lives in Gone With the Wind?

The American Civil War