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What were the arguments for and against using the atomic bomb to end World War 2?

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For: It was the fastest way to end the war with Japan which saved many allied lives. Also, here's a little published fact. Japan's attempt to launch a Nuclear (yes Nuclear) attack on the United States was eminent and therefore, a speedy end to the war was needed. Against: We would have beaten Japan anyway and so there was no need to use such a devastating method.

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Q: What were the arguments for and against using the atomic bomb to end World War 2?
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Reason against using the atomic bombs?

They kill.

Reasons against using atomic bombs?

Moral and ethical.

Reasons against using the atomic bombs on Japan?

To end the war.

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What were the arguments against using the atomic bomb to end World War 2?

alot of people didnt waunt to use the A-Bomb because of the destruction it causes and the fact that millions upon millions of civilion life would be lost. as well as some people feared that by unleashing this power it would bring the destruction of man kind

What was president Truman's goal in using the atomic bomb against japan?

End WW2, ASAP.

What was President Trumans main argument for using the Atomis bomb against the Japanese?

Atomic not Atomis!

Was the US justified in using atomic bombs against japan?

The justification for using the atomic bomb was that it ended the war , or at least ended it sooner and thereby saved countless American-and Japanese-lives .

What was the debate over using the atomic bomb?

The advocates against the use of atomic bombs mostly referred on the civilian casualties, the illness it brought and the devastation.

Was president Truman right in using the atomic bomb against japan?

Most Americans thinks so.

Which is an argument AGAINST using the atomic bomb?

It can cause massive, unintentional, catastrophic damage to the biotic and abiotic environment.

What were Harry Truman motivations for using the atomic bomb against japan in world war 2?

He wanted to end that war and collapse the ability so the Japan could not make war again.

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What were the main reasons for and against using the atomic bomb on Japan in World War 2?

to end the war and cos japan dropped a bomb in the us on perl harbor,so that's th reason!

One reason against using the atomic bomb?

Radioactive waste would cause unborn babies to die/ have mutations.

What is a good reason for using atomic bombs against japan?

I think the only good reason was to bring the war to an end.

What were the military arguments for dropping the atomic bomb?

There were several military arguments for using the atomic bomb against Japan in 1945. First, this would bring about an early surrender of Japan and avoid what would probably have been a prolonged struggle with much loss of life by US forces. Secondly, the USSR was already moving against Japan and had seized one small island (which Russia still has, even in 2013) and the US feared that Japan would become a Soviet satellite, much in the way that eastern Europe was. The Cold War began even before WW II was over. An early Japanese surrender avoided that problem.

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When did te soldiers start using atomic bombs in world war 2?

August 1945

What is a reason given to use the atomic bomb against Japan?

Using the atomic bomb would ultimately save more American lives by making a full-scale land invasion unnecessary.

Why did some people find Barry Goldwaters views threatening?

He was in favor of using atomic bombs/ hydrogen bombs against North Vietnam.

The US government as well as many scientists debated about whether to use the atomic bomb on Japan because of what?

During World War II, U.S. leaders, officials, scientists, and others debated using the atomic bomb on Japan primarily because of the moral implications of such an attack. They were concerned as to whether they would be justified in using such a destructive weapon -- against which there was no defense. Moreover, they were concerned as to what the future implications might be if they were the first to unleash such a weapon into the world.