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What were the beliefs in Elizabethan times?

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The Elizabethans believed in many things. They were also very supersticious. The main things they believed in were God and magic. to learn more visit this web site:

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What were the beliefs of witches in Elizabethan times?

that they were any old woman who acted strange had a cat and lived on there own (widower)

What was different about Elizabethan religious beliefs?


Supernatural Elizabethan times?

Supernatural Elizabethan times means ???

What was storytelling like in the Elizabethan times?

The best storyteller in Elizabethan times was Shakespeare.

What was the deadliest weapon in elizabethan times?

The deadliest weapon during the Elizabethan times was a cannon.

What gender were the actors in Elizabethan times?

In Elizabethan times, I believe all the parts were played by males.

What languages were spoken in England in Elizabethan times?

Modern English was spoken in England in Elizabethan times.

What was the Elizabethan times named after?

Elizabethan times are called that because it was the time when Elizabeth I was Queen of England.

What were living conditions like in Elizabethan London?

We are living in the Elizabethan times.

Who were the yeomanry of the Elizabethan England?

Its is the the middle-class citizens of Elizabethan times

What were some of the customs and beliefs of the period of Elizabethan era?

They always had to wear hats

What percentage of women were educated in Elizabethan times?

It is hard to define education in the Elizabethan times. A better question would be to start by asking what is the percentage of literate women in the Elizabethan period?

Medicine used in Elizabethan times?

the medicine that was used in the Elizabethan times was made out of herbs and spices, in other words were natural.

Are the Elizabethan times the same as the Shakespearean times?

Yes they are

What was the entertainment in the Elizabethan times?


What was it like to be alive in Elizabethan times?

i know this don't really help but we live in Elizabethan times now hence the nameof our queen

What was the form of entertainment in Elizabethan times?


The Thames in Elizabethan times?

Was a major sewer.

Who was on the throne in Elizabethan times?

Queen Elizabeth

How were Jews treated in the Elizabethan times?

Badly =)

Importance of loyalty in elizabethan times?


Did they have jesters in Elizabethan times?

yeah obviously

How much was a newspaper in the Elizabethan times?


How was the love and marriage in Elizabethan times?


What did the people in Elizabethan times wear?

your ma