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Kristallnacht, literally meaning the Night of Broken Glass, but is now known by the politically correct term, Reichspogromnacht, happened in the 2-day period of Nov. 9-10, 1938. It was ostensibly sparked by the assassination of the Third Secretary to the German embassy in Paris, Ernst vom Rath. Nazi Propaganda Minister Goebbels initiated a rampage of destruction which saw the burning of synagogues, the destruction of Jewish businesses,homes, and the manhandling of Jews. The Nazis used Kristallnacht as an opportunity to

proceed with the total exclusion of Jews from society and the removal of their remaining freedom,

while expulsion of Jews from Germany was accelerated. The causes of this event were

partly economic, but had a great deal to do with racial hatred and antisemitism on

the part of Hitler and the Nazis, whose goal was a racially pure German nation.

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What the date of the kristallancht?

The Night of Broken Glass ( Kristallnact ) happened on November 9th, 1938.

How many Jews were killed on kristallnact?

the official figure is 91, however it is likely that there were more killed.

What were the living conditions for the Jews after the Kristallnact?

Kristallnacht was not a turning point for living conditions, they were the same afterwards.

Why was kristallnact a critical event fpr Jews living under nazi contol?

It was the first instance of unchecked violence against Jews. In the aftermath the Jews had to pay for the destruction.

Why was kristallnacht important?

The kristallnact was important because it was one of first major steps of the Persecuations of the Jewish people. This soon leaded of Putting Jews into Ghettos and Concentration Camps in 1939.

When did the synagogue get burned down?

**** The Synagogue begging burning down by Nazis During Kristallnacht on November of 1938. **** La synagoga se empeso a quemar por los Nazis durante Kristallnact en noviembre del 1938.

How do you measures such the Nuremberg laws and kristallnact contributed to Nazis ability to implement the final solution?

They were crucial in changing the mindset of the general population, so that when the time came people would not object to more severe impositions placed upon the Jews.

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