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What were the causes of the Spanish Civil War?

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* Profound cause: long period of decline since the great days of

the Spanish Empire. Spain had made little progress, lost her

empire, and fallen behind in the industrialization process * Deep

divisions in Spanish society: * Landowners vs. Peasants. * Church

vs. Anti-Clerical movements: the Church had enormous power in Spain

and was opposed to social reform, this led to groups that sought to

reduce the Church's influence. * Conservatives vs. Liberals. There

was a lack of a political middle, and extremists elements were

increasingly popular. * Massive divisions btw countryside and

towns. * The Spanish army had a tradition of interfering in

politics. * Long standing tradition of violence in Spanish

politics, and democracy had never really been established

(therefore parties tried to reverse election results through

violence) * 'Democracy' in Spain had brought about corrupts Gov.

and undermined the concept of democracy. (there was electoral fraud

and continuing landlord control under Spanish 'democracy' ) * There

was a desire for autonomy in several regions of Spain.

Conservatives saw this as a threat to Spain. * Anarchism was a

powerful force in Spain. * ---- The weaknesses of the Gov. of the

Second Rep. (1930-36), its failure to carry out reforms, and to act

against those that were plotting against the Republic. It also

failed to maintain law and order. * Army concern at the possibility

of a communist takeover. * The assassination of the right wing

leader Calvo Sotelo in July 1936.

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