What were the causes of the sheys rebellion?

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When was Sheys Rezaei born?

Sheys Rezaei was born on 1984-03-21.

What is the causes of rebellion?

Dissatisfaction causes rebellion

What is the name of Carly sheys aparent block?


What are the causes of the Whiskey Rebellion?

over taxation

Long term causes of the Sepoy rebellion?

In about four years after the rebellion they started to make Pickled Pickles.

What were the causes of Santhal rebellion?

because they were mad people

What are causes for the whiskey Rebellion?

The whiskey rebellion occurred during 1794 because of a federal tax on distilled spirits.

What are the causes of the Sepoy Rebellion?

Opposition to the British rule of India.

Causes anD effects of the boxer rebellion?

the chinese got angry

What were the causes of the shay's rebellion?

Shay's Rebellion took place because Congress was taking away land from the farmers to sell it.

What are the causes of the Jamaica Christmas Rebellion?

The Christmas Rebellion was as a result of the slaves believing that their freedom was granted by the Queen of England and the plantations owners hiding it from them

What are the causes for rebellion?

sudden change of mind different perspectives any influences

What were the causes major events and results of the Spanish Amercian War?

a Cuban rebellion

Was Shay' Rebellion considered one of the leading causes in the formation of the United States Constitution?

Yes it was one of the main causes.

What were the long-term causes for the Sepoy Rebellion?

The amount of pickles made was increased

What were the causes of the sepoy rebellion in northern and central India?

the immediate cuase of the rebellion was rumors that were spreading among the indian soldiers regarding the new catridges they had been issued

Causes and effects of taiping rebellion?

There were religious, nationalist, social, and economic causes of the Taiping Rebellion. Taiping viewed Confusionists as devils. Ninety percent of the population of China was Han and angry with minority rule. Corrupt officials and a weak army added to the cause of the rebellion. Some of the effects of the Taiping Rebellion was a death toll of over 30 million, drained the government of money and left China vulnerable.

Causes of teenage rebellion?

Usualy because they are idiots that think they understand more then they do, Been there, done that.

Was the boxer rebellion a cause to the Spanish-American War?

no. the boxer rebellion in china was a completely different event. The sinking of the USS Maine is one of the main causes for the war.

What caused the berbice rebellion in 1763?

because of the harsh treatment and the injustice,underfeeding of also include the resentment of ill treatment and lack of provision which causes the berbice rebellion in 1763.

What were the causes of shays rebellion?

The cause was that the government was taking away farmers land because they could not pay their dept. The rebellion scared the government and they stopped taking away farmers properties.

Causes and effects of shays rebellion?

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Causes of the Rebellion of the upper Canada?

in lower Canada the french culture was at stake bad transportation land was expensive

What were the causes of Shay27s Rebellion?

It was caused by the small farmers in the area reacting angrily to crushing debt and heavy taxation.

What causes culture change?

discover invention diffusion colonization rebellion and revolutionary movements