What were the commercial ties between New England and Great Britain?

Multiple, and they changed, or rather expanded, over time.

Initially, cod, which swarmed off the coast and provided protein for Europeans, without having to depend on the Dutch or Danish (Iceland).

Then, looking for riches (Virginia), material for ships' masts (New England), religious freedom (Massachusetts:Pilgrims(1620), Puritans (1628-1640); Maryland (Roman Catholics); Pennsylvania (Quakers), etc.).

During the English Civil War, the colonies were virtually self-governing. When the monarchy was restored, and the Crown tried to turn the colonies back into traditional Imperial colonies (source of raw materials, & a market for finished goods), all hell broke loose, at least from the Crown's perspective.

Once people taste freedom. tyranny tastes bitter (unless sold with Bread and Circuses to a lazy and ignorant population).