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Closer to Hell than any Jew, gypsy, Nazi, or different nationality had ever seen. The rations were sparse, if any some days. The warehouses were stuffed with bunks stacked high. Lice crawled through the camp and they worked ridiculous hours.

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Q: What were the concentration camps like?
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How are the concentration camps different from the Japanese internment camp?

internment camps they just made them live in like a gehtoo and the concentration camps the like tried to kill them.

Was life like for anne frank in the concentration camps?

Her life was stressful, scary, terrible, and threatning in the concentration camps.

What was the deference between the concentration camps and the extermination camps?

concentration camps are prisons in a sense where as extermination camps are like death row u will certainly die in a extermination camp.

What were Holocaust concentration?

There were concentration camps in the Holocaust. The concentration camps were basically work/death camps.

Was Hitler in the concentration camp?

No, Hitler never went into the Concentration Camps because, he could have caught diseases like Typhus which were common in Concentration Camps.

What were the concentration camps really like?


What was it like for people in concentration camps set up in Britain?

There were no concentration camps in Britain. There's some confusion here.

What were the 2 main types of Concentration Camps during the Holocaust?

The main types of Concentration Camps were Concentration Camps and Extermination Camps.

Are there still concentration camps?

No there are no more Concentration camps

What were the beds like in concentration camps?

in concentration camps the beds were small bunk beds in tiny rooms and shared by a lot of people.

What was Belgium concentration camp like?

There was no concentration camp called "Belgium". There were, however, concentration camps in Belgium.

What were conditions in the nazi concentration camps like?


What were conditions like on the trip to concentration camps?


What were living conditions like in the concentration camps?


What was it like for the Jews at the concentration camps?

It was a living hell.

What was life like for kids in the concentration camps?


What was the weather like at the Concentration Camps?

same as elsewhere.

What were suana's used for in concentration camps?

There were no saunas in concentration camps.

What were examples of concentration camps?

what are some examples of concentration camps?

What were the major ways people died in the concentration camps?

in concentration camps as opposed to extermination camps people died from reasons relating to overwork and malnourishment, like exhaustion and disease.

Why were concentration camps called concentration camps?

The reason they were called concentration camps is because they were camps where the government concentrated (herded together) a particular group of people.

Why did they called it concentration camps instead of death camps?

All camps were technically concentration camps, generally the extermination camps were called 'death camps'.

How many concentration camps and death camps were there for the jews?

There were about 1,500 concentration camps and they were not just for Jews.

Where were the camps in concentration?

There weren't camps located in a location called "concentration." They were called concentration camps, and they were located all over Europe.

Did US have any concentration camps?

Yes and no. Japanese internment camps, but nothing like what Germany did.