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They were provided with uniforms, food, accommodation, weapons and ammunition, transport, mail service.

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What were Australian POW camp conditions for Japanese soldiers in World War 2?

the conditions for Japanese soldiers at the Australian camps where relatively good, but the Australians saw this as a sign of weakness. The prisoners where not tortured or starved to death, unlike the Australian POW who were kept in the Japanese camps.

What were the hardships of Australian soldiers in World War 2?

Poor food, rough conditions and terrains, bad weather and fear were the hardships of Australian soldiers in ww2, although the cold weather probably stood out the most for our soldiers.

How many Oklahomans served in World War 1?

There were many soldiers that served in World War I from around the world. The state of Oklahoma provided 75 of these soldiers.

How many Australian soldiers died in World War 2?

39.800 Australian Soldiers were killed during WW2.

How many U.S. soldiers served in World War I?

4,734,991 U.S. servicemembers served in World War I.

How many German soldiers served in the German army during World War 1?

The number of German soldiers who served in the German Military in World War I was 13,250,000. The number of American military personnel that served during World War I was 4,743,826.

How many Canadian soldiers survived world war 1?

About 534,617 soldiers survived world war I. 595,000 soldiers served and 60,383 were dead.

How many soldiers from the US were in World War 2?

16,353,659 US soldiers served in WWII.

How many soldiers served in the Wehrmacht?

Between 12-13 million soldiers served in the German Defense Force - or Wehrmacht - in the Second World War.

How many Australian soldiers fought in World War 1?

300,000 soldiers fought in world war one,62,000 died leaving 228,000 soldiers

How many Italian American soldiers fought in World War 2?

How many US soldiers served in World War 2?

How many soldiers served in World War 1?


How many soldiers were enlisted in world war 1?

There were 16.1 million soldiers that served in the military during world war 1. In the US 500,000 soldiers volunteered.

Doctors in World War 2?

Australian doctors during World War II had the same responsibilities as doctors from other countries. They had to treat the wounded and treat illnesses caused by the poor conditions soldiers had to endure.

How many German soldiers served in World War 2?

about 17 million German soldiers served during ww2 (not inclusive the about 1 million ss troops)4000000

How many indigeous australians served in world war 2?

Roughly 120 - 300 Australian Aborigines served during WW2.

How many Australians died in World War I?

About 61,928 Australian soldiers died during World War I.

What places in the world did Australian soldiers fight in World War 2?

Australia in world war 2Australian soldiers generally fought in the pacific campaigns but they also had involvement in the African campaign in Egypt and Libya as well as the Italian campaign but by for the pacific campaign was were most Australian soldiers were fighting a lot of the time they fought alongside British and other commonwealth forces. the New Zealand soldiers fought with the Australians often to form ANZAC.

How did Australian soldiers get to World War 2?

by ship, most serving in the pacific islands.

How were Australian soldiers trained in world war 1?

They were taken overseas, to Egypt where they trained.

How many Australian nurses served during world war 2?

557 women served. ANSWER thnk u sooo much xD

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