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homefront is a name given to the activities of the civilians during a state of war. Germany employed millions of forced laborers and POWs. rationing was introduced. later on, a strict rationing program was introduced. The system gave extra rations for men involved in heavy industry, and lower rations for Jews and Poles in the areas occupied by Germany, but not to the Rhineland Poles. women were not meant to work, but children had to collect materials for the production of war equipment.

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Where was Germany's forces turned back during World WarII?


Who were the axis powers in world warII who where the Allies?

the axis powers included germany, italy, and japan. the allies included the united states, britain, france, china, canada,and belgium

What was the codename of the first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima during World WarII?

Fat Man

Who started the warII?


Who was the US President during World WarII when a nuclear bomb was dropped on Japan?

Harry S. Truman

What year did the us join world warII?


Did Jews have to wear the star of david after world warII?

No, of course not.

What is another name for submarine?

In World WarII, the germans named it a uboat

What country suffered the most military deaths in world warII?

the soviets

What did Douglas macarther do in world warII that was important?

He defeated the Japanese in the Pacific Ocean!

What happen to the gas chambers after the world warII?

some were bombed and some are still there (in Majdanek for example)

Instead of making cars during world warII the Ford Motor Company converted to making?

Jeeps, Trucks, B-24 Liberator Bombers, Aircraft Fuel Belly Tanks, & many other products.

What caused the Japanese to finally surrender in World WarII?

The atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.

Which of the following statements accurately describes one effect World WarII had on women's roles in both the United States and Great Britain?

The war created opportunities for women to challenge gender norms.

How many citizens died in World WarII?

68 American civilians were killed during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Other civilian casualty numbers are estimates. Axis countries - Germany - 2,350,000, Italy - 60,000, and Japan - 393,400. Five major allied powers France - 470,000, Britain - 60,600, Russia - 6,700,000, and China - 8,000,000.Other countries were involved but these are the primary forces involved. The numbers are from a textbook I was using a few years ago as well.

Was AdophDayton in World WarII?

His name was spelt Adolph Hitler, am i the only one that knows these things golly gosh in a birds nest :O

How did the lend-lease act and the Atlantic charter change U.S involvement in world warII?

The U.S. agreed to provide weapons and supplies to the allies

During World WarII what were women's roles in the armed forces?

the roles of women when they were in the amed services were that they had worked in intelligence, communications, administration, transport and maintenance jobs. the women were taught some combat tequneques incase Australia ever got invaded, but they were never sent into the fighting in this war.

What achievements did Franklin D Roosevelt accomplish in office?

he helped a great deal in the Great Depression, World warII he also gave millions of people jobs.

What happened in 1945?

the atomic bomb was dropped on two Japanese cities (Hiroshima and Nagasaki) then a month later World War 2 ended. world warII happened

How many times has the world cup been held?

Played every year since 1930 except in 1942 and 1946 (World WarII) making a total of19 times counting 2010.

What were the countries that fought on the European front in World WarII?

Britain which survived also France who were lost and russia Brittain, France, Belguim, Russia, The US, many other small countries around Germany.

What fueled Japanese migration to Brazil?

World WarII enforced them to move to Brazil, at first there was a culture shock there and then they wanted to move back to japan. But the Brazilian farmers wanted them to stay, and they used the working contract as an excuse.

Did one need parental consent to enlist in World WarII under the age of 21?

No, 18 was the age that one must be without a parental consent. There are many instances when younger men forged birth certificates to be older than they were.

A acrosic poem for world warII?

What happened here?Oh such destruction whichRains so heavilyLowering Germany.Death came so quickly.What happened dear?After the cheersRuin came down.It is we who take the blame.It is we who cheered his name.