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Q: What were the conditions of the camp like?
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What are conditions like on a refugee camp?

There terrible places to be!..

What were living conditions like at Camp Harmony?

Like your mother in a blender

What was it like in a concentration camp for the Jews?

The Jews were sometimes tortured and their conditions in the camp were very poor.

What is the condition in a concentration camp like?

As time progressed conditions worsened.

What were the living conditions like in a concentration camp?

dirty horible cold and harsh.

Were there gas chambers in the death camp of Dachau?

No. Dachau was an 'ordinary' concentration camp (forced labour camp with extremely harsh conditions). It was not an extermination camp like Treblinka or Auschwitz II.

Where can one find a camp cot?

Camp cots are narrow beds that are typically used in outdoor conditions. You can find and purchase camp cots at online retailers like Amazon, and eBay.

What were theJapanese American internment camp conditions like?

See website: Japanese-American internment camps.

What were the sanitation conditions in Changi POW camp?

Not good

What were the conditions of Buchenwald concentration camp?

See Related Links.

What is aConcentration camp?

A concentration camp is a camp where the Jewish people were sent to when they were called. The camp had very bad conditions and as Jews were considered outlaws they were treated badly. Over 1000 people died in concentration camps all over Europe. People were even gassed to death at concentration generically a concentration camp was like a prison

What were the conditions like on the trip to the concentration camps during the Holocaust?

Rough, probably almost as bad as being transported to an American PoW camp.

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