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What were the differences between the Nazis concentration camps and the Japanese concentration camps?


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They only held the Japanese in the concentration camps, the dint kill them off. They could have a life in the one square mile of a home. They killed off the Jews in the Nazi concentration camps.


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During WW II, the Nazis and the Imperial Japanese both inflicted horrible cruelties upon the people whom they placed in their various camps, the main difference being that the Nazis intended that no one in the camps would survive, while the Japanese were not specifically trying to kill everybody in their camps, although they did mistreat them terribly.

The Nazis were involved in the concentration camp Buchenwald because it was a camp for political prisoners.

The Nazis had all the usual prejudices ...

14.6 Million people were killed by the Nazis between mainly 1938-1945. At least 500 were killed between 1933-.

According to research reports, Nazis actually set up 20 000 concentration camps.

Nazis are not gay; in fact, the Nazis murdered tens of thousands of gay people in concentration and death camps.

Which camps? England invented concentration camps in, I think, the Crimean War, the US unlawfully used them to control citizens of Japanese, Italian, and German backgrounds, and of course the Nazis used them in WW II, and the Japanese also in WW II.

The first Concentration Camp built by the Nazis were Dachau Concentration Camp.

The Nazi concentration camps started days after the Nazis were elected into office in 1933. They ended when the Nazis were removed from power in 1945.

Yes, their were many female Nazis. Even some Female Nazis worked in concentration camps e.g. Auschwitz

They were chosen from within the SS staff at concentration camps.

she did not like the nazis because they were taking all her friends to the concentration camp

The nazis killed the Jews, beat them, put them into concentration camps, and broke their buildings

It's estimated between 3,000 and and 9,000 gays and lesbians died in concentration camps.

Concentration camps were places German Nazis sent Jewish people to be tortured and exterminated. The Holocaust was the name given to the process of Jewish extermination by the Germans.

German concentration camps were where Jews and other people went when they were caught by the Nazis

The Nazis only gave the Jews a piece of bread and a glass of water.

Concentration camps, mostly in Poland.

The camp opened in May 1940 and initially was intended as a very tough concentration camp for Poles who resisted or didn't co-operate with the Nazis.

Before the Jews were in the concentration camp, the Nazis built a wall around their neighborhood called a ghetto. After this, the Nazis deported Jews to the camps.

All the countries which were not invaded by the Nazis including Britain didn't have any Concentration Camps.

The Nazis ran concentration from March 1933 till May 1945.

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