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American soldiers were fighting on the European front against Germany (this front often includes those fighting in Africa) and the Pacific front against Japan.

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Q: What were the different fronts soldiers from the US were fighting on during World War 2?
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Where was the fighting taking place during World War 1?

On the western and eastern fronts

What was the United States doing during world war 2?

Fighting on two fronts: The Germans and the Japanese.

After D-day Hitler sent soldiers on these three fronts?

after d day hitler sent soldiers to what three fronts

What is multi front war?

Picture a box with four sides. Fighting on 1 side is one front. Fighting on two sides of the box is fighting on two fronts. Three sides of the box is 3 fronts, four sides of the box (surrounded) is fighting on four fronts. Two or more fronts is a multi front war.

What are the three different fronts?

Warm fronts, cold fronts and occluded fronts.

Explain meaning ofWar on two fronts during World War 2?

Two fronts mean that you are fighting an enemy in two different places and usually in opposite directions. Germany had to fight on two fronts: the Russians on the East and the Americans, British and French on the West. A two-front war spreads out your troops and resources and allows enemy to attack in more places to break through your lines.

What Way Did The US Fight World War 2 On Multiple Fronts?

The US fought in many different parts of the world during the war. A front is just a boundary between countries involved in the war, so multiple fronts is just, multiple of these different boundaries. The US fought in several different fronts which included, but are not limited to, Northern Africa, South East Asia, and Europe. These were all different fronts, as they are in different locations in the world.

What job can be for a muscluar system?

Soldiers fighting at war fronts face to face with enemy soldiers should be reserved for mascular system. Though females are doing all sorts of jobs, in the former where physical prowess is involved, mascular system is most welcome.

What kind of storm occurs during fronts?

Thunderstorms goes with cold fronts and stationery fronts. Warm fronts usually bring moisture into the area.

Why do warm fronts produce different types of clouds than cold fronts?

Warm fronts create different types of clouds than cold fronts because of the way the air is pushed. In a cold front, the warm air is forced to rise where as a warm fronts air just smoothly glides above the cold air causing a different condensation pattern for the fronts

What did Hitler want to avoid while fighting in two different places?

He wanted to avoid fighting on to fronts. By 1941 he was fighting the soviets and the British/American troops. The war with the soviets was called the Eastern front. Hitler also tried to make peace with Britain to avoid this, but they declined.

How did fighting on multiple fronts in World War 2 affect the American military?

It spread the military pretty thin, so its a miracle that the country wasn't destroyed during its vulnerability.

What are the release dates for Liberators Fighting on Two Fronts in World War II - 1992 TV?

Liberators Fighting on Two Fronts in World War II - 1992 TV was released on: USA: 11 November 1992

Where do weather fronts occur?

At the boundary lines of air masses with different densities and/or temperature. There are cold fronts, warm fronts and occluded fronts. Cold fronts usually move faster than warm fronts.

What nicknames did Frances Langford go by?

Frances Langford went by Sweetheart of the Fighting Fronts.

What two fronts did the US fight on during World War 2?

The US fought on more than two fronts during WW 2.The ground fighting fronts included:North AfricaItalyFrance/GermanyCentral PacificWestern PacificAlaskaand the Home Front.

What is the boundary between two air masses of different temperatures and humidity?

The boundary between two air masses is known as a Front. There are four types of fronts, warm fronts, cold fronts, stationary fronts, and occluded fronts. See the link for characteristics of each.

Why was adolf hitler important during world war 2?

He was Chancellor of Germany, which meant overseeing all aspects of his Nazi government, the German public, and the multiple fronts the Wehrmacht (German Army) was fighting on.

Who was fighting on the Western and Eastern fronts in World War 1?

On the western front you had the Germans (of course) fighting against the British, the French, and later in the war, the Americans. The eastern front was the Germans fighting the Russians.

How did the Great War for empire become a truly international conflict and how did Britain carry out its part of the struggle?

it became international because Britain and France were fighting on so many fronts in different places of the world

Toy Soldiers Fade in the Sun?

Children often love to set their toy soldiers up around the room, staging them as if they are going on scouting missions or fighting in battles. You need to remember that the soldiers are just made of plastic, though, and they will fade if they are exposed to the sun for too long. If your son sets them up on the windowsill and does not move them for a week or more, the backs of all of the soldiers will be a lighter green than the fronts. Clean them up regularly to prevent them from fading and losing their vibrant colors.

The schlieffen plan was designed by German military to?

Avoid the problem of fighting Allied powers in two fronts

What 2 fronts was Germany fighting in World War 1?

Germany was fighting on the East and West of their boarder. On the East, they were in a fight against Russia. To the west, they faced France.

Where does fronts came from?

They usually come attached to "backs". From different directions. Cold fronts normally move mainly north to south, and warm fronts south to north.

What happenes when fronts collide?

When two fronts collide that have about the same temperature, wind might develop. When two fronts collide that have different temperatures, it can lead to a rain storm and sometimes tornadoes.