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What were the domestic results of the Vietnam War?

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Lowered voting age; all volunteer military

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All of today's jets have guns on them thanks to the Vietnam war.

Only the draft affected the domestic front.

The end result of the war hasn't changed in 35 years...North Vietnam won the war.

The results of the "US fighting in the Vietnam War", was that Communist North Vietnam achieved it's goal(s) of conquering the Republic of South Vietnam in 1975. And that the US did not achieve it's goal of preventing it.

The Vietnam War interfered with the civil rights movement. Attention was split between the war and the domestic (home) problems.

The Vietnam War is considered an American loss. Its purpose was to prevent North Vietnam from becoming a Communist government, and this effort proved unsuccessful.

The results of Vietnam war were that the North Vietnamese claimed they were victorious. The US had to withdraw and let communist governments take over.

Communist Northern aggression; they won.

The foreign issue(s) during the war was maintaining the status quo of the world & the cold war; all the while fighting the war in Vietnam. The domestic issue(s) was the same; with the added troubles created by the military draft, which was responsible for most of the unrest.

It divided the country and led to the numerous civilian protests against the war.

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The Iraq War and the Vietnam War, in terms of military engagements, combat-style, and overall missions have nothing at all in common either than the fact that they both take place on the continent of Asia. However, the domestic response to both wars is comparable in that there was much domestic fatigue. However, as the draft affected a large swath of America, the domestic response to Vietnam was far sharper and more prevalent than the response to Iraq.

In the end of the Vietnam War, The united states agreed to get out of vietnam, if the NVA would not attack (north vietnamese) but as soon as they left, the NVA atacked Saigon, ending the war, and making both south and north vietnam, one country (communist)

It divided the country politically and led to numerous civilian protests against the war.

Lyndon B Johnson, the 36th President of the U.S., helped to escalate American involvement in Vietnam by sending more troops to war. This stimulated an anti-war movement and his domestic policies failed.

Unified Communist nation of Vietnam.One of the results of the US war in Vietnam, was the deaths of about 3,000,000 people in Cambodia. About 700,000 people were killed outright by US bombs. The resultant destruction of the government led to holocaust.

No, the Vietnam War was in Vietnam

Try googling their name than perhaps mentioning they served in the vietnam war and as you go to the results click images and there you should find who you're looking for

See: Statistics About the Vietnam War. Recommended by the History Channel. And see: Civil Rights Movement

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