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new york was doing lumber, timber, flour milling, and mining as there economic major industries. The puritans had ended their rule.

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How did the southern colonial region's geographical features make its economy develop differently from those of new England the middle Atlantic?

i dont uunderstand your question

What are the two most dominant physical features in the Middle East?

The dominate physical feature of the middle east is the Arabian Peninsula

What cash crop grew in middle colonies?

Tobacco. During early colonial times that crop supported most of the economy in the middle colonies.

How did geography affect the economy of the middle colonies?

The affect that geography had on the economy of the middle Colonies was to help the economy. Farming was the main source of the economy and the fertile soil, and natural resources aided the Middle Colonies economy.

Where is Christianity dominant?

Christianity is the dominant religion in Europe and the entire Western Hemisphere; it is not dominant in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Dominant religion in the middle east?


What is the dominant religion in the Middle East?


What is the dominant language in the Middle East?


Where was colonial Delaware?

In the Middle Colonies

What is in the middle of colonial homes?

the letter a

What were good things about colonial new York?

New York, as a middle colony, but very close geographically to New England, had a great economy based on ship building and trading.

What is the dominant religion of the middle east?

Islam and Christianity

What is the most dominant religion in the middle east?


What is the dominant peninsula in the Middle East?

there are to many peninsulas their

What were the good features of the Middle Ages?

The good features of the middle ages were that people could do things they wanted.

Was the economy of the Middle Colonies characterized by plantation agriculture?

The economy of the Middle Colonies was not characterized by plantation agriculture. The Southern Colonies had an economy based on plantation agriculture.

Colonial girl middle names?


What are the 3 major sections of a Fugue?

There are actually four: # Exposition # 1st Middle Entry (related to dominant) # 2nd Middle Entry (sub-dominant) # Final Entries in Tonic

What was the economy based on in the middle colonies?

the middle economy i think is based on trade for boats , food , and other things and trade!!!! ;) (;

What factors set the new England middle and southern colonial areas apart?

colonial america

The urban middle class in colonial American most often included?

The urban middle class in colonial America most often included the printers and apex.

What are some of the languages in the Middle East?

The current dominant languages of the Middle East include the various dialects of Arabic (Egyptian being the most prevalent), Farsi, Turkish, Hebrew as national languages. English and French still exist as former colonial languages that many Middle Easterners still speak in areas that were former colonies.

What was the dominant political system in the Middle Ages known as?


What type of erosion is dominant in the middle course of a river?


What is the dominant religion in the middle east and Egypt?