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She was the mother goddess of ancient egypitian society. She was the wife and sister of Osiris, God of the the afterlife. Isis was also the goddess of healy and regeration as well as reproduction. She can be found in other mytologies of the world as well.

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Q: What were the duties of Isis?
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What are the duties of harsiesis the Egyptian god or goddess?

Horus the Younger, the child of Isis and Osiris was called Harsiese, because he was 'Horus son of Isis', and was clearly identified in his role as the goddesses' legitimate son and heir of Osiris.

What is isis mythological meaning?

Isis is an Egyptian myth. It is about Isis and Osiris. Isis means fertility. Osiris and Isis were husband and wife. They had a child named Horus.

What are the servants of Anubis?

Anubis did not have servants, he was assisted in duties by various gods and goddesses including his daughter Kebechet, Isis and Nephthys; Wepwawet and Horus as well as Osiris and Ma'at.

Where was Isis born?

Isis was born in Egypt

Who was isis mother?

Nut is the mother of Isis.

Did Isis have a love?

The lover of Isis was Osiris.

What food did Isis eat?

what did isis eat

Where is Egyptian Isis castle?

DahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhThere is no castle of Isis {THERE IS A TEMPLE!!} And that temple of Isis is in Egypt Near the Nile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was Isis a Egyptian goddess?

Isis was the ancient Egyptian goddess of motherhood and magic.

What is the birth name of Isis Casalduc?

Isis Casalduc's birth name is Isis Marie Casalduc Gonzalez.

Who is Isis related to?

Isis is related to his husband osiris

When was isis born?

Isis was born on the 4th day

How many temples of Isis are there?

'''''there are 72 temples of Isis'''''

Where was Isis a god?

Isis was a god in Ancient Eypt

Did Isis got marry?

Isis married Osiris.

Is Isis a person?

No, Isis is a ancient Egyptian goddess.

How did they worship Isis?

by going to isis' temple and praying to her

What was Isis godess of?

She was~ Isis, Egyptian Goddess of Magic and Life

How did osiris meet isis.?

Isis and Osiris are brother and sister.

What did Isis where?

Isis wore a red dress with a throne on her head.

How is Isis important?

Isis was an important representation of the pharoah's power.

Does Isis have a symbol?

The "Knot of Isis". See below for image.

How tall was Isis the goddess?

No myth tells how tall Isis was.

What size was Isis the goddess?

No myth says what size Isis was.

When was Isis death?

The Egyptian goddess Isis did not die in myth.