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World War Two gave US companies much business as they helped to supply Great Britain both before and after the start of the war. France was not a big customer during the war because the Germans occupied France early on. Later when the US entered the war, in 1941, big US companies made allot of money suppling the US governments military needs. The war actually pulled the US out of the Great Depression.After WW 2, Europe's economy had been destroyed by the war. The US economy had been largely undamaged and good business was made in rebuilding the European economy.

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Q: What were the economical results of World War 2?
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How was German economy in World War 2?

The economical value was undisplicitably horable

What economical recovery plan was similar to the Treaty of Versailles in World War 2?

Morgenthau Plan

What were the results for the US of its participation in World War 2?

what were world views of the u.s. participation in the war

How did the resolution of World War I impact on the start of World war 2?

The Allies treated Germany very harshly with the treaty. After World War 1 Germany was in economical crisis. If the Allies would have helped Germany after the war maybe Adolf Hitler would never have a reason to start World War 2

Results of the World War 2?

Well if you want the answer as in who won world war two it was Britain and its allies

What were the results of the bombings in hiroshima and Nagasaki you world war 2?

The US won the war.

What were the major results for Japan in World War 2?

Unconditional surrender.

What were the results of Hitlers rule?

World War 2 and the Holocaust was the result.

The United Nations was created in the results of what?

As a result of World War 2.

Did Francis Crick change his career in World War 2?

yes, he did when a bomb fell through the roof of his laboratory in world war 2 and destroyed his experimental results

How would you use irreversible in a sentence?

The results of World War 2 are irreversible

In which way were the results of world war 1 and world war 2 similar?

The political boundaries of Central and Eastern Europe changed significantly.

What are Causes of World War 2 in the results of World War 1?

A lot of factors but mainly nationalism, the versaille treaty and the great depression.

What were the results and outcomes of World War 2?

World war two never really started, for it was just a continuation of World war one. The result was that we are now preparing for a further continuation.

What are 2 results of World War 2?

Germany surrendered and Hitler commited sucide and soviets lost over 20million men in the war

What does Germany have to do with World War 2?

Hitler started the second world war as a way of coming out of economical depression. It also shadowed the genocidal war waged by Hitler against other races other then Nordic German Aryans

What were some of the results of world war 1 and 2?

the economic condition of the colonial countries like Russia and Britain drastically reduced and so the other countries which were under their control waged a war, they were known as the third world countries, and declared themselves independent. for example- in India,the economical condition of the Britishers became short after the two world wars. and so Indians got an opportunity to revolt against them and fight for their independence.

What effects did most countries suffer during the decade before World War 2?

During World War II, most countries suffered through the effects of an economical and financial crisis. Many citizens were unemployed and suffered from impoverished conditions.

What is the abbreviation for the largest war in which the US forces have fought in?

WWII which is an abbreviation for World War 2.WWII which is an abbreviation for World War 2.WWII which is an abbreviation for World War 2.WWII which is an abbreviation for World War 2.WWII which is an abbreviation for World War 2.WWII which is an abbreviation for World War 2.WWII which is an abbreviation for World War 2.WWII which is an abbreviation for World War 2.WWII which is an abbreviation for World War 2.WWII which is an abbreviation for World War 2.WWII which is an abbreviation for World War 2.

What were the results of the Germany's invasion of russia in World War 2?

Failed due to severe weather conditions

How has World War 2 shaped America?

world war 2 has developed the usa more open to the rest of the world(end of the isolationism of the usa) in economy,think to the Marschall aid to Europe,especially to Germany (to hold this country inside the American atmosphere) more economical stronger( economical worldpower)more trade between US&friendstates, more military (super) power than before (foundation of NATO)for instance and international thinking in stead of thinking national!

What are the results of World War 2?

germany surrendered unconditionnally italy defeated japan...nuked / uncon surrender

What are the Differences of World War I and war 2?

world war 1 world war 2 - 1 1 is the answer

Why did US want to stay out of World War 2?

The U.S. wanted to stay out of another world war after the results of world war one and the following depression where they lost millions in brutal trench warfare and returned with traumatized soldiers unable to work due to disabilities.

WHY did World War 1 and World War 2 occur?

World War l occured due to the strong navies and militaries the nation had, and they felt so strong, they declared War.World War ll occured due to the treaty of versailles, and because Germany fell upon an economical and political issue, and Adolf Hitler promised Germany more jobs, and to bring the country back to its strongest condition like before World War l.