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North Korea, often called the Hermit Kingdom, has remained largely isolated from the rest of the world, following the Korean War. This has not been healthy for North Korea.

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Q: What were the effects of North Korean after the Korean war?
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What where the effects of the Korean war?

see website: Korean War

What were the economic effects the Korean War had?

See website: Korean War

What lasting effects of the Korean war?

Korea remains a divided nation with a communist North and a free South.

What did the north Korean troops do that led to the Korean war?

North Korean troops crossed in South Korea on June 25 1950 which started the Korean War...

What were the social and political effects of the Korean War?

The North maintained a communist government and the South adhered to a thriving capitalistic government.

When did the north and south Korean war start?

The Korean War started on June 25,1950 when the North Koreans invaded the South.

What was the North Korean capital city during Korean War?

Pyongyang, North Korea

What did North Korea gain from the Korean war?

combat experience for north korean troops

Who was North Korean leader during the Korean War?

Kim II Sung

Where did the Korean War begin?

in June 1950, North Korean troops crossed the 38th parallel that separates North Korea from South Korea and was the cause for the Korean war (conflict)

Who was Korean War against?

The Korean War was due to the Invasion of South Korea by North Korea. Later in this war, the Chinese came to the aid of North Korea.

Who is to blame for the Korean War?

The Korean War of the 1950's WA the result of a North Korean attack on South Korea.

When did Korea split into North and south?

The Korean War catalyzed an official separation which began on June 25, 1950, when North Korea invaded South. However, division began to take form at the end of WW2, in 1945.

How did the Korean War influence American policy in Vietnam?

The Korean War (1950-1953) directly influenced US Presidents from (not) invading North Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The invasion of NORTH Korea during the Korean War, led directly to Red China's entrance into the Korean War.

Who did the Korean Allies Defeat in the Korean War?

the enemies of the Korean allies were North Korea and China. There was no 'defeat' in the Korean war, rather, it was a DRAW, no winner......................

Start of the Korean war?

North Korea invading South Korea led to the Korean war.

Who was North Korea's president Korean war?

The president of North Korea at the time of the Korean War was Kim Ill Sung hope this helps

What happpen to Korean after Korean war?

after 6.25 war, they became North and South korea. the china helped north korea in the war, and the america and u.n helped south korea in the war

Who was the president of North Korea during the Korean war?

Kim ll-sung was the North Korean president.

What is the North Korean viewpoint on the Korean War?

it hated it they said losers

Why was the Korean War called the Korean War?

simply because it was north Korea vs. south Korea

Who was responsible for the Korean War?

The North Koreans were responsible for the Korean War because they wanted more land.

What triggered the war of Korean war?

Invasion of South Korea by North Korean forces in June 1950

The Korean war began at what cities?

The Korean war stated at the North - South border, not in any city.

In the Korean War is north democracy?