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What were the effects of World War 2 in Europe on the United States?


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it was effected by adolf hitlers actions and his fallowers the looked up to him and did every mean they could it was one of the wota


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Europe, Canada and the United States.

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Just a few hours after the Japanese attacked the United States, the Germans declared war on the United States.

No. There are large sections of the world, especially the United States and Western Europe that support Israel.

Compared to fighting in Europe, the United States suffered what disadvantage in the Pacific Theater during World War II?

All over the world. The United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, & Australia.

Yes. The United States remained neutral in the beginning of WW2 as they did at the beginning of WW1.

For a brief period of time, the US was alone as a world superpower.

Before entering World War II as a combatant, the United States intervened in Europe and in the Third World (in particular, in Asia) in various "key" ways. In Europe, the United States supplied vital war material to Great Britain when it was facing Hitler's Germany on its own. In Asia, the United States placed an oil embargo on Imperial Japan as a protest to Japan's ongoing aggression in China and elsewhere.

The war in Europe. This is known as the "Europe First" strategy.

In Europe, it ended in the battle of Berlin, and in Japan the United States dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Which of the following best describes the condition of Europe when American entered the war

because the United States did not want to take part in what was going on in Europe and Asia. That was until Pearl Harbor though.

makes that United States declared the war and enter to the World War 2

After World War II, cold war between European countries and the United States has emerged. The United States had a post war tension against the United Soviet Socialist Republic and the Germans.

North of the equator and in the middle of North America, west of Europe and east of Asia.

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The U.S. supported western Europe and Japan after WW II

Here are some effects:Cities grew quicklyWomen gained the right to vote

The Great Depression in the United States was part of a world wide depression in the developed nations of Europe. The "response" from Europe was to find ways to end the problem.

Christianity is very common in the southern United States, and in parts of Europe.

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