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As the military began to take control, nationalism grew in Japan as well as a desire to expand into China and beyond China into the rest of Asia

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What was the political situation in Japan at the end of World War 1?

The military had stronger influence after WWI.

The rise in military power in japan was a direct result of?

a failing economy and a growing lack of faith in democracy.

Results of Japans growing imperialism at the end of the 19th century?

Japan had gained military, political, and economic strength.

What was the effect of the military controlling the government in Japan?

Once the military gained control of the civilian government then the government followed suit as the military initiated an expansionist policy which lead the nation of Japan into war . The military began and conducted military operations on the Chinese mainland and eventually to spreading Japanese influence throughout Asia .

How did japan demonstrate its growing military strength?

Between 1868 & 1918. Japan transformed itself from a motley collection of ships into the third most powerful navy in the world.

How did the Asian war front influence America during World War 2?

because japan was growing to powerfull and the US knew that eventually japan whud attack the US.

What near by culture had a mojor influence on japan?

china has a major influence on japan

What were the good things about atomic bombs being droped on japan?

The bombs ended the war with Japan , it brought peace to the region and it eliminated the influence of the Japanese military upon Japanese politics .

Why the military came to Japan in 1930?

The military has ALWAYS been part of Japan.

What are some of the regional concerns Japan shares with the US?

North Korea's nuclear weapons program and China's growing economic and military power.

Why was Japan able to colonize Korea Taiwan and parts of China?

Japan did so by military force. They essentially invaded those countries with their army backed up by the Japanese Navy. Japan was looking for resources to support their growing needs for manufacturing.

What were some effects of the leaders of japan in World War 2?

what were effects of the leaders for japan

Does Japan have a military?

Yes, Japan does have a military but has no army. Japan's military can only be used for self-defense and the reason why Japan does not have an army because they'll be bringing military weapons and vehicles to attack other countries. After WW2, they were banned by the rules. Japan can only use its military in defense.

What are the top ten super power countries?

(1) United States Of America: steady political system, advanced military, largest economy, strong internal security, and law & order. Influences on the world include: WTO, NATO, UN, and IMF(2) China: fastest major growing economy, largest work force, and a good military. Influences on the world: WTO, UN, and IMF(3) Russia: strong military, regional, political influence and one of the largest economies. Influence in the region(4) India: one of the fastest growing major economies, a good military with nuclear weapons & good space technology, skilled labor force, a strong democratic political system, and good foreign relations (except Pakistan). Influences on the world: WTO(5) France: healthy economy, good military with nuclear power.(6) Germany: healthy economy, good political system, and advanced technology.(7) United Kingdom: an overall healthy economy, good military, and political ties with the US(8) Japan & Israel: Japan: second largest economy and good space technology. Israel: advanced technology, strong military nuclear power (maybe), friend of the NATO, US, and an influence in US politics.(9) Brazil: good growth economy, growing domestic market, and ok military.(10) Saudi Arabia: a fair amount of oil money, influence in the Muslim world, and heavy spending in military.

What did the US want unconditional after World War 2?

Japan was not permitted to have a military Japan was not permitted to have a military

What was the earliest foreign influence to come to Japan?

because japanese is taken by the power of the military... so their education as denied except the priest during 1400 to 1500.

How did japan gain economic influence in china?

In the years leading up to World War II, Imperial Japan gained economic influence in China primarily by intimidating diplomacy along with outright military aggression. An especially dramatic step came in 1931 in the "Mukden Incident," whereby Japanese military forces staged an incident which led to the occupation by Japanese forces of the industrial region of China known as Manchuria. Further steps towards influence followed.

A bushido was a supreme military commander in Japan?

NO Bushido is the code of the samurai. A shogun was a supreme military commander in japan

How did U.S. influence was evident in both japan and west Germany after World War 2?

The United States set up a military government in Japan and in Germany to handle all of the problems after the war. As a result the influence of the United States ensured a democracy would take place in some form.

How did Prince Shotoku Influence Japan?

He spread Buddhism throughout Japan.

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