What were the effects on society during the Great Depression?

Answer Well that started FDI banks in case of anthor market crash == FDIC stands for "Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation", which insures each bank account up to $100,000 in the event the bank would go broke. The Great Depression affected our society in a number of ways. There were no jobs, so of course people had no money to house, feed and clothe themselves. After the tremendous stock market crash, many people lost pretty much every thing they had. Some (mostly men) were so devastated over this loss, and felt like failures, that they committed suicide. The suicide rate during that time went to an all time high. Many of the men who lost everything in the 'crash' actually jumped from their office windows from quite a few stories up. Some of the foods (commodities such as sugar, flour, coffee, etc., as well as gasoline) were doled out to families in limited amonts. This was done by giving each family a voucher for the item(s) that allowed them to buy only a certain amount of those items. Women couldn't buy stockings, because the silk used in making them was also used by the military for parachutes, etc. Even cotton fabric was not as readily available since it was used for bandages for the military. There were many, many other things that were not available to the general public. The military's needs came first, so they took priority over the general public. The lack of jobs was devastating to the country. Families lost homes, farms, and couldn't pay for food or clothing, medical treatment, etc. All of this had a tremendous impact on the people of our country, and took many years for our country to 'get back on its feet'.