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Q: What were the effects that John Hancock did with his involvement in the war?
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What was john Hancock's in the war?

what was john hancock's role in the war

John Hancock feared what?

he feared war

Why was John Hancock in the Revolutionary War?


What john Hancock did after the war?

He became the govern of Massachusetts

How did John Hancock get involved in the revolutionary war?


What did John Hancock do to overcome obstacles in the war?


Who was the famous statesman in the Revolutionary War?

John hancock

What were john Hancock's political views?

John Hancock believed that if any country apposed the USA, than they should make war against them.

What job was John Hancock in the Revolutionary War?

I think he was a messenger

What was john Hancock's life after the American revolutionary war?


What did john Hancock have to do with the Revolutionary War?

He sighned the Declaration of Independence.

What does John Hancock wear Revolutionary War?

s he is the famos person