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What were the experiences of various social groups during the Great Depression?

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For the poor people it was a very hard time. when the depression hit alot of people became unemployed as employers couldn't afford to employ people anymore. The people who were unemployed had little to no money, and many became homeless and slept in a place called 'happy valley' which was a public domain. Other poor people went on the sustenance pay aka the 'susso', and in order to get that you had to prove you were unemployed and had no money. For Women and children it was very hard as well, as often husbands would just abandon their families as they couldn't support them anymore. Lots of children had to leave school in order to try and get a job to help support the family. However for wealthy people the impact was felt very minimally. They bought things for alot cheaper than it should be from less wealthy people, as they were so desperate for money even if it wasnt much, it was at least something for them.

I didn't cover all the groups, but i hope that's at least a bit of help :)

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Various individuals and groups of people. Also, the government.

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What effect did the Great Depression have on minority groups such as Mexican and African Americans?

discriminatory practices worsened during the great depression.

What happend to minority groups during the great depression?

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