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In Asia, Japan's efforts to become a world power and the rise of militarist leadership (in the 1930s, the government in Japan was undermined as militarists rose to power and gained de facto totalitarian control) led to conflicts first with China and later the United States. Japan also sought to secure additional natural resources, such as oil and iron ore, due in part to the lack of Natural Resources on Japan's own home islands.

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Q: What were the factors leading to Japan's involvement in World War 2?
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What was japans first sign of aggression leading to world war 2?

bombing of Pearl Harbor

What factors cautioned against us involvement in World War 2?

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What was Japans involvement in World War 2?

They were all fighting because of he way there government was and because the Japanese wanted to expand there empire and the US as well as other countries didnt like this.

What Factors cautoined against US involvement in world War 2?

Isolationists and America Firsters

What was japans primary goal in its involvement in World War 2?

To "protect" Pacific from non-asian people. Actually, they wanted to rule all those islands. Moreover, they wanted to conquer China.

What are the four factors that identify the leading countries in today's world economy?

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What were the events leading to US involvement in World War 1?

Unrestricted Submarine Warfare, Sinking of the Lusitiana, the Zimmerman Telegram, and Political ties to Interviews.

What are the contributing factors leading to World War 2 and Americas entry and role in the conflict?


Was the US involvement in World War I justified why or why not?

Was the US involvement in World War 1 justified why or why not?

Japans World War 2 emperor?

Emperor Hirohito.

What was the result of Japans invation into other countries?

World War.

Was the japanese emperor sentenced to death after world war 2?

After the war, he was not prosecuted for war crimesas many other leading government figures were, despite his involvement.

Four factors leading to the growing European tension included?

Four factors leading to the growing European tension before World War I were devout nationalism, growing imperialism, increasing militarism, and abrasive actions by the Germans.

What were Japans motives in World War 2?

Domination of the East and the Pacific.

Who was japans emperor during World War II?

Emperor Hirohito

Why was hirohito important to world war 2?

because he was japans emperor

What were Japans reasons for fighting us in World War 2?


WHAT were japans reasons for entering World War II?

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How was japans dictatorship during World war 2?

Japan had an Emporer.

Who was japans general during World War II?

General Tojo

Who helped Japans economic recovery after World War 2?


How did japans economy boom after World War II?

An increase in manufacturing.

Who was japans leader in World War 1?

Hirohito was Emperor from 1926 to 1989.

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What was japans motive for joining World War 2?

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